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non-game baby shower activities

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my MIL is hosting a baby shower for me and i told her i really hate all those baby shower games. she asked me what i propose we do instead and i'm coming up a little empty. does anyone have ideas for organized things to do at a baby shower other than baby bingo and guess the chocolate in the diaper?


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Are you into crafts. How about painting onsies or wooden blocks. My sister got a bunch of wooden block and had paint, decopage, random paper an ribbon to decorate the the blocks with. They were really cute and all a little different. 

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i did a really special activity where we all sat in a circle, with me in the middle. a ball of yarn/string was passed around from woman to woman, and each spoke a wish or poem or thought/affirmation (something from the heart) as they entwined their wrist with the string. when the ball had gone all the way around the circle, everyone was connected. at that point, each woman broke their portion of the string, and tied it off around their wrist. this they keep on until the birth of the baby, to symbolize their support of you during labor.


hope you have a lovely shower!



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You could have everyone bring a bead and make a birth/nursing necklace for you.  Sign up for meal delivery for after the baby arrives.  Each woman could be given a candle that you are able to light during labor (if you stay home) or early labor before you leave for the hospital (if going there) for you to focus on and have as a pleasant reminder of those who support you.  


The women that attend could attend to you. Foot massage/pedicure type activity.  Henna on the belly.  Belly casting.  You could have the women there help you to make birth announcements that have the 'baby foot' made from the side of your hand and fingerprint toes.  Then each woman could address ones to themselves and anyone else on your list, that way all you do after baby arrives is send someone out for photos and fill in the blanks and send out cute newborn pictures!



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We had a board with everyone's baby picture on it and we had to guess who was who.

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For my sister's last shower we handed out blank cards with a number, 1 through 18, printed on the front of it. Each person wrote a note to the baby for the birthday that corresponded with the number on the front of the card. So the person with the number 8 card wrote a note for baby's 8th birthday.


You can also have each person write down a piece of advice for mom. At my aunt's shower we went around and said the advice (she is a first-time mom), but I think that writing it down makes more sense because then it can be kept.


I'm actually helping DD with shower games right now and I came across another one that is really sweet. We won't be doing it, but I like the idea. Ahead of time, print each letter of the alphabet on an individual sheet of paper. Once your guests are seated, pass out one sheet of lettered paper to each person along with a supply of markers, crayons, colored pencils, and stickers. Ask each guest to decorate her page with things that relate to her letter – for example, whoever has letter "A" might draw pictures of apples, alligators, and ants. Your guests should also put their name on the page somewhere and can include a note to the soon-to-arrive baby if they like. After the shower, laminate the pages and bind them together, then give the collection to the guest of honor. It's her baby's first alphabet book! If you have more than 26 guests, you can also add pages with numbers or shapes, or you can have more than one person work on each page.


Here's a link to more shower activities and games. Not all are games so maybe you can find something else in there that will work? 

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If you have a religious connection, it has become a tradition lately to have the group of ladies pray for the baby's coming and future.  I sobbed through mine (last time) as people prayed for my daughter's health, growth, maturity, future spouse, you name it.  You can either leave it up to people praying or actually pass out slips of paper with suggestions on it for things to pray about.


One of the things I have done/will do for a friend's shower is make up a Mad Libs type game about the mom-to-be and labor, etc.  You go around the room asking people to contribute random answers without knowing what they are answering (numbers for day of birth, baby's weight, hours of labor, etc.). The purpose and effect is humor.  For example: When Jenny went into labor, the dad-to-be was so excited that he made it to the hospital in (number) minutes and ran three (color) lights on the way.  So if when asked for a number and a color, people say 1, 483 and PURPLE, you write it in.  At the end of the story, you read back your predictions for the baby's birth and then give the copy to the mother to put in the baby book or whatever.  Anyway, I hope that makes sense.  It is sort of a game, but completely non competitive.


There is also the old "don't cross your legs" or "don't say baby" restrictions at a shower or your safety pin/clothes pin, whatever, is taken by the person who catches you at it, and the person with the most clothespins at the end wins a prize.  But that is really a game.  Funny thing is, the mom-to-be at next week's shower actually requested that game!  It's actually one of my least favorite!

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thanks for the ideas, everybody! i think partly why i'm stumped is that i just had the most beautiful blessingway so i feel like we pretty much covered all the meaningful, spiritual stuff. but i guess there's no reason why we can't have more sweet meaningful activities at the shower! i especially like the painting onesies and guess the baby picture ideas. parenting advice sounds fun too.

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We did a "stock the freezer" themed shower. The invites included a recipe card and everyone was asked to bring a favorite family recipe and my sister made me a wonderful recipe box.  Of course this was before the onslaught of recipe websites when people still had recipe boxes. orngbiggrin.gif


Some people actually made their recipes-one to share and one for my freezer. It was awesome! The best part was when we were eating we went around and each person told why the recipe the brought was special-when they first had it, who made it, etc.  I learned so much about my already very close friends.

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I like the stock the freezer theme!  I could definitely use some help in that regards.


A party fall back for me has been fondue.  Especially chocolate fondue!  It keeps everyone busy and also provides the food.  I've hosted a few chocolate fondue baby showers for some mamas who also didn't want the cheesy games, and it went over really well.

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