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Finally, a homestudy!

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The home investigator was here on Thursday! She pretty much wanted to gossip for three hours ;-) She says our completed file is going to the capital on Monday and our foster license should be issued in a couple of weeks.


As many times as I've heard "a couple of weeks" from these people, it's hard to believe, but I can hope. thumb.gif She also thinks that given our preferred age range, it would be prudent to prepare ourselves for a placement right at the end of the school year, of a child already in the system whose case is being transferred to Adoption Services (this apparently happens before anybody gets TPRed, to which I say WTF, but that's a topic for another thread...) 


This lady had worked for social services for 7 years before becoming an independent contractor, and she confirmed a lot of things I've heard about how the process works - both good stuff and bad stuff. So I'm nervous, but it's good to have some feedback that everything I've heard from other people is not nonsense. 

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Wow! Did she mean the end of the school year, as in a few weeks from now? I wonder if she has a child in mind, which got her to come and finish up? Very cool!

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Y'know, they may have somebody in mind. The home investigator was sent out at the behest of S, a worker I think of as focusing on recruiting, but she referred several times to how they'll "walk it through if they have a match" and I'd "get a call from S." So it may be that S mentioned to her that she had specific little boy in mind, and will be supervising the placement herself when school ends. 


Hoping hoping hoping... joy.gif

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Two weeks since the homestudy. Time to start the round of politely harassing emails...

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Good luck! 

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Good Luck...My husband and I just adopted our daughter (newborn) through private adoption.  It took 6 months from the completion of our homestudy until our daughter was in our home.  We plan to adopt our next child through the state and I have heard that it is more complicated than private adoption.  I hope things move smoothly for you...you should start a blog to document the process if you haven't already.

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