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Advice on shop name...

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I have been sewing cloth menstrual pads for myself for 8 years, and selling them to friends and family for close to 6 years. I'm planning on opening an Etsy shop soon, but I am torn between two shop names.


NaturalChoicePads- which sounds nice and clean, and to-the-point. I like it well enough.


SharkWeekSupplies- this is my favorite, but I am worried about it not sounding "serious" enough.


I know there are pad makers out there with more playful names who do well (I own quite a few myself), but I am wondering if anyone would really buy pads from a shop with such a silly name.


Thanks for any thoughts and advice! :)

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I am going to guess you are running this as a business and you are going to carry the business name thru on everything?

If thats the case Natural Choice Pads is the way to go.  Shark Week has nothing to do with your product or your line of business.

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I like Shark Week, but I don't understand it. It certainly wouldn't say "this is where to buy your organic cotton pads" to me. NaturalChoicePads is, yes, a little more vanilla, but definitely more to the point. 


ETA: I'm hoping you will explain the shark reference. I even googled it, but all I came up with was ads for the Discovery Channel. I can think of things to do with sharks and blood, but I'm quite certain that's not what you meant. 

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I agree with the pp's: NaturalChoicePads is the best choice. Yes, it's more vanilla, but it tells potential customers what you are selling. SharkWeekSupplies might throw people off. 


Whatever you decide, good luck with your etsy shop! 

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I agree...I don't understand the "SharkWeek" reference, so Natural Choice Pads seems like, well, a natural choice. :)

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Thank you. :)


"Shark Week" is what a lot of my friends call their periods, well, because they bleed for a week. I think it's a cute name, but not too sure it sounds "professional" enough.


Thanks again!

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That's funny about the "shark week", but I would go with NaturalChoicePads thumb.gif

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Shark Week is funny but I agree, it's not descriptive which can be hard (or at least not a quickly recognizable description).  Also, it's never a good idea to name a shop something already used by a major company as I can't fathom they don't have that trademarked.

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I love Natural Choice Pads! It's a great idea because you can always expand to other products under your 'Natural Choice' umbrella.


Have you checked to see if Natural Choice is available? (Trademarks, Google search, domain name availability, etc?)


What about "Her Natural Choice" or something similar? I might brainstorm a few similar alternatives just to see if something else sounds just as good and is a little more unique.

But I like it!

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