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Babywearing: am I doing it right?

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I have a Maya wrap and a Moby that I've been using for my 4 week old daughter.  We use the Moby for going for walks outside. Baby likes it, but all that fabric gets kind of toasty in this weather. She's been spending a ton of time in the Maya, at least 5-6 hours a day. I LOVE babywearing. This is my first baby and being able to wear her feels wonderful and helps give me some freedom.


Before I gave birth, everyone was like, 'oh, you won't even have time to brush your teeth or make lunch!' So babywearing feels revolutionary...I am not trapped sitting in a rocking chair all day.


My baby always falls asleep immediately in the wrap. We went to a wedding reception this afternoon and she slept in the wrap for 2 1/2 hours. Other guests at the wedding were amazed and asking about the wrap. Not a lot of mothers here do babywearing...so we were kind of a novelty.


I am curious how much other new moms wear their babies? Is it possible to wear the sling too much? Is it okay if baby is sleeping most of the time she is in the wrap? Will this start affecting her night sleeping? She currently sleeps in 2-3 hour chunks from midnight to 8 am, which I'm happy with.


What are some other kinds of wraps or slings that we should try?

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Sounds like you have it working well for you. You might invest in a German Style Woven wrap. They are more supportive often lighter in weight have a variety of sizes and can be used well into toddlerhood.

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The wrapsody is another light weight wrap.

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As long as you are both happy, it sounds good to me! I do like the Wrapsody for a lightweight wrap that is somewhat stretchy too.
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I wore my newborn pretty much all day, from day one.  We mostly used a stretchy wrap.  I don't think there is anything wrong with it at all!  I'm glad you and baby are so comfy and happy. :)

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With my first I lived in a room in a house and the rest of the house wasn't really baby friendly so I wore here almost all day! I started with just a moby and a sling but quicky invested in a Storch. That started a semi-addiction to woven wraps for me! I only have three now which just doesn't seem to be enough for a three year old and a baby. My son I wore about ten hours each day until he was three months old and started exploring on his own. Now he is nine months old and 20 lbs and I only wear him three or four hours a day which I feel like isn't enough.

The right amount of babywearing is whatever your little one is happy with.

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