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We have a dd that we adopted from a local county's HHS-picked her up at 3 days old and she never left. She is the youngest of 3 kids, both other children in their teens. She was mildly meth positive at birth. She was a DOLL BABY as an infant, slept great, ate anything. She turned two and became a picky eater, hypersensitive to any type of redirection we tried (i.e., time to go home so I can start dinner, Sweetie"), HATED the carseat--would pull at the straps and cry. The explosions started at about 3. She had a temper before this where she'd bang her head on the floor for a couple of minutes, but it got bigger as she got more mobile. Now, as much as 5-6 times a week, she throws a fit, trying to hit anyone within reach, throwing things, grabbing potted plants, lamps, canisters to throw, kicking, yelling, screaming at the top of her lungs. She is in play therapy, now a few months. Wondering when they'll actually get around to her real issues. She does have a full psych workup scheduled in the next few weeks. Maybe that will reveal something. Sound familar to anybody? Does anybody have a success story for us?