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Favorite Home Remedy for a Cough

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I'm not opposed to taking cough syrup but I'm breast feeding and can't. In the meantime we cosleep and I have a cold that has left me with this terrible hacking cough that's keeping up my whole family. I've been sucking down a mixture of cayenne, ginger, apple cider vinegar and honey that helps but I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas. I'll usually go through one night of a bad cough then it eases off but this is my third night of hacking and keeping everyone awake.
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My fav is honey.  

I like to drink lots of water and also a humdifier works wonders too!


Hope you feel better!!

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I love this one from Mt. Rose Herbs:

Licorice Honey Cough Syrup

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thanks! Honey is always good and I'll check out the syrup. Cough is still there. Ugh.
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My DO taught me to do a lifting exercise, it helps clear gunk from the lungs--so you'll cough extra for a few hours after--but then the overall coughing goes down noticeably.  It's easier to explain for a kid... kid would stand in front of you, you hold at the level of their lowest ribs and lift so their feet leave the floor (their weight is what's pulling down, stretching the chest cavity).  Put them down, move your hands up one rib, repeat, and keep going til you get to the armpits and can't go higher.  For an adult (presuming it's someone that you can't lift), it's more of a pushing upward movement--I was sitting on an exam table, so higher than just a chair, but whatever you've got that lets you push upward, then go to the other side, do the upward-pushing movement, then keep moving up, one rib at a time. 

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I like Enzymatic Therapy, Bronchial Soothe Ivy Leaf Syrup.  It works really well for me.

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