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Pouch sling like the Kangaroo Korner

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Hi!  I had a Kangaroo Korner pouch sling back in 2009 when my son was born, but lost it on an airplane when he was 5 months old.  Now we are due again in August and realized that the company is out of business!  Is there another pouch sling like that one?  I didn't have the fleece one, just the stretchy cotton one.  


Also...I have typically big babies...is it worth it to also get a moby?



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I'm not sure if they're exactly the same, but I really like my Hotsling. You might be able to find a used replacement for the your old pouch--try the babywearer forum.

I think stretchy wraps are great for newborns, even if they are bigger--so cozy!

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I was just getting ready to post my carrier for sale and saw your posting.  I have a Med sized, right-hand dominant, fleece (cardinal red) Kangaroo sling.  It was only lightly used because I went back to work full-time when baby was just 6 months old ;-(  Prior to that she loved her play-mat and slept so often that I did not get to snuggle with her much in the carrier.  It's in great condition; in fact it has only been washed once since I got it as a gift because it has been used so rarely. 


You can contact me at sue_yu99@hotmail.com or 415-609-0076 and I can send you a photo.





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