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jaw.gif Whoa!!!! That's crazy!!!! CONGRATULATIONS x 2 !!!!!! 

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oh yeah, time to change your sigi to expecting #2 & 3! hahahahaha

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Double WOW!  Congrats and so happy for you!!!

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oh WOW! What great news. I am glad all the good vibes paid off.... X2!!!

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Wow how exciting, and unexpected I'm sure lol. Congratulations!

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Woweeeee!! What great news, congratulations!!

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Yippeeeee! That is so exciting!! Congratulations!!!

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Oh, that's wonderful news!  Congratulations!!

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Congratulations!!  So glad to hear all is well!!!  What exciting news!

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Wow!  So much better news!  That's awesome!

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Congrats! I didn't get a chance to read this until today, but what exciting news!!

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Wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!! Twins are so much fun!!! joy.gif
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Diana I think we were in the Sept 09 DDC together. Congratulations on your twins!!

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Yay, how amazing! Congrats!

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Wonderful news! Congratulations! I am so eixcted for you :)

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Wow!!! I'm so happy everything was okay. Twins, what a surprise!

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