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I posted this in the general Health and Healing and then noticed this forum!

I am looking for some info and advice...

My 2.5 yr old banged his front tooth/gum against a really hard countertop :-(

His tooth got a little pushed back but not so noticeable.

We took him to 2 dentists-one when it just happened and a pediatric one who came highly recommended later when we noticed the tooth was a little loose.

They both adviced we take an x-ray of his tooth and we declined. The pediatric one said the root and nerve could be damaged and it could cause issues with the permanent tooth?!

We noticed in the last couple days the tooth is turning a bit grey which is sign of nerve damage I believe?


We have a follow up with the dentist in a couple of days. I am sure she will insist on the x-ray again now the tooth is getting discolored :-( and the tooth might need to be pulled which is upsetting at this young age. :-(


I just feel nervous for my son to have an x-ray so young-I guess I feel they are better saved for more dangerous.serious  stuff. She also noticed he had a couple of cavities and was recommending xrays then too because she "can't tell how ddep they are"

Are we over reacting? She has the very latest digital xrays..


Anyone have any experience with stuff?