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Selectively vaccinating 3yr old DS?

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Hi Dr. Sears!
Thank you so much for doing this! I read your book when my son was 6 months and reference from it often.

I have decided to give my son a few select vaccines for his own health upon entering preschool this fall and eventually public kindergarten. I am a single parent with very little sick leave allotted at my workplace. Though I would like to have him gain natural immunity from these VPDs, realistically it would be difficult for us if he were to be ill and need to be out of school for an extended period of time. (Also, as per our exemption if there is an outbreak of any VPD he would be excluded from school for up to 2 weeks). I also find a benefit in helping to support the herd immunity in our community. Unfortunately I do not have a pediatrician in my town that will speak frankly and honestly as well as respectfully with me about my concerns.

My plan so far is the do 4 doses of Dtap with the last dose being after the age of 4 in order to eliminate the need for a 5th dose. After that series, as long as he has had no major reactions, I would like to do 1 MMR and then a titer test before age 5 and starting kindergarten. My main questions is about the Hib and Pc vaccines which are the only other two I am considering at this time. At 3 years old, do the risks of serotype replacement weigh out the benefit of these vaccines? My initial thought was to start with Hib because it seems to be the most effective vaccine with the fewest side effects. But is my son past the age of necessity? He is not immune compromised in anyway and is still nursing daily. Because Hib and Pc are dangerous in infancy, would a preschooler find much benefit in these two vaccines?

Thank you so much for any advice you may have for me!

I plan to do the Varicella and Hep B vaccine in his preteens if necessary (titer for Varicella first). And the Polio and Hep A if necessary for international travel (which we have no plans of at this time).

Thanks again! wave.gif

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The 1 MMR works well in 95% of kids, so I would just rely on that one dose and not even bother with a titer. The PC serotype replacement is a complicated issue. While I do see some benefit to getting one dose of PC 13 at this age, I must say that I rarely do it in practice this old. You don't have to worry about HIB serotype replacement. HIB is really so rare that I would agree your child is mostly past the risky age for that. At this age, PC and HIB wouldn't be nearly as dangerous as during infancy, but he could get sick from them and miss some school.  I will say, though, that "outbreaks" of those two diseases don't go around schools in any way that would be identified and cause your child to need to miss school in another child there caught it.

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Thank you very much for your response!

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