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East Orange, NJ?

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  I am starting a job in East Orange in the fall and we are looking to move to the area but know nothing about the particular towns/neighborhoods.  We would be looking for a 1-2 br apartment (or house, ha ha) in the $1000/mo range, if that's possible. We may potentially be able to go higher if the job market for my wife would be high. She has worked as a nanny/household manager in the past.  

  We are a two mom family with an infant, so we would be looking for an accepting community. Something with an easy commute to/from East Orange where DW could keep the car would be great.


Thanks in advance!

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Well, the town of Montclair (used to live there) is a very diverse and accepting community, but I'm not sure how the housing costs would fit into your budget.  Moving westward, housing costs would tend to be less I would guess.....I live out in Morris County, and the priest of my church is actually in a two mom family as well, so we are accepting out here too!  PM me if you want more info :)  Good luck!

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I would look at Maplewood or South Orange.  Both would be an easy commute from East Orange.  Maplewood is a diverse little town, home to a lot of creative types, there is a nice little downtown and it's on the train line into NYC.  Here's a useful website: http://www.maplewoodonline.com/ South Orange is nearby, possibly a little less diverse, also has a nice little downtown area.  I have no idea about rents, sorry.  You could also look at West Orange.  The rents might be lower there, but there are some dodgy neighborhoods that you might want to stay out of.  There's not much of a downtown area, but there are lots of useful shopping areas in different parts of town, and West Orange is within easy driving distance of places like Montclair, where you might find more things to do.  Good luck.

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