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AUSTIN - Vaccine/Breastfeeding friendly Ped

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Sigh, I think I need a new ped.


I'm seeing Glazener right now on the advice of a midwife; we needed someone okay with not vaxing due to my own history of reactions.  We've seen him once for an illness and for our 4 month well baby.  The illness visit was actually great - he didn't want to medicate right away, was reassuring and gave some good tips.  


Then the 4 month - wow.  He was downright judge-y about our cosleeping, very concerned about his night waking even though we are all rested and happy (ahem, thanks to the cosleeping).  He was also concerned about his frequency of feeding in general (DS likes to graze...he can go long stretches, but prefers tiny five minute hourly feeds).  There were a few red flags when solids came up..."He has to get used to a spoon, don't worry if he spits everything out" and of course, recommending rice cereal first.


All of that I can deal with, given his vax flexibility, but later I was reading his standard 4 month handout - yikes.  His recommended nutrition for a 4 month old was some number of ounces of formula, like 2 tbsp rice cereal, and apple juice.  No mention of breastmilk whatsoever.  Formula, cereal, apple juice.  


My concern is really just that at some point he's going to be really discouraging about breastfeeding.  I want support for extended breastfeeding, I don't want him telling me at our 12 month that it's time to wean.  I of course could just ignore the advice I don't like, but I really would like to have a good working relationship and feel like I can trust his advice when DS is sick.  


So, I've heard good things about Tree House in Round Rock, but that's a bit far for me.  Not for a well-baby, but I can't imagine putting a sick baby in the car for 40 minutes each way.  I've also heard good things about Eliot Trestor, but Central Family doesn't take insurance and that's a deal breaker...unless I really just can't find anyone else.  Then I guess I'll suck it up.


Anyway, who knows of a vax flexible supporter of extended breastfeeding?  General acceptance of AP is a big bonus.  His 6 month is in two weeks; I'm crossing my fingers that there won't be resistance when he asks how solids are going and I tell him we haven't started...should I really be the one explaining independent sitting and pincher grasps to a doctor??


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I don't have any advice for you, but we're moving to Austin soon and will need a family practice doc or ped.


We do vaccinate (but on a very slow schedule) and want someone who respects delaying vaccines, extended nursing, not circing, etc. 


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I know you posted a while ago and hope you have found someone already. I recommend Dr Lydia Norton @ Bee Caves Pediatrics. Not all the Dr in the practice but specifically her. She is very opened minded and I have never had her be judgmental actually opposite. My DD is on a delayed vax schedule due to medical issues. Even though DD is past due for some acceptable vaxs she agreed without hesitation to wait so we can just do all at once even this means waiting for 2yr +. I am against flu shots and never have been pressured.


I recommend setting up a consult beforehand as specific questions that are your concerns.

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We go to Bee Caves Pediatrics and see Dr. Norton.  They do not give me a hard time about not vaccinating, but she has said some things about homeschooling.  Like she assumes we homeschool because we don't vax, when you are allowed to send your unvaccinated child to school in TX with an exemption.  My oldest went to public school until second grade but now we homeschool.  Has nothing to do with vaccines.  All I have to do is sign a form in the chart stating that they have talked to me about vaccines and I opt out.  Pretty simple. 


I like their after hours care through Seton, I think, where you call and speak with a nurse.  I have used it twice in 4 years and while there is a fee, it is nice to have that option.  I have always been able to get a same day appointment and if more than one of my kids are sick, they will see them at the same time. Of course charging a co-pay for each.


Overall, I am pleased and I have referred people to Bee Caves Pediatrics when they are looking for a ped that is open to an alternate vaccine schedule. 

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