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May Chat Thread - Week 3

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Mamas, it is a new week, time for a new chat thread :) Here is last week's: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1312074/may-chat-thread-week-2


I'm so excited today because DH and I finally came to a decision about diapering. We are going cloth with a diaper service! joy.gif


Wow, I didn't know what a load off my mind that would be....


Hope everyone is having a great start to their week.



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Awesome.  I have used cloth with all of my children.  Not difficult at all.   


As for us....needing to finish our basement.  Contractions still happening but not horrid.  Tomorrow my middle child gets to go to the HSAP with our oldest for Kindergarten Visitation.  She will go one day a week starting in the fall and is unbelievably excited.  I am noticing that I am annoyed by EVERYTHING.  It's getting on my own nerves and that alone annoys me as well.  


I have lists of things to do and will likely get none of it done.  But that's ok.  I am really trying to just enjoy the last few weeks and rest.  Sleep is starting to come a bit easier but the insomnia isn't completely gone yet.  My main concern is getting my garden in working order.  We moved it this year to a more southernly area and it should grow much better but I do need to get it prettied up!



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Just got back from a tour of the birthing centre! It's the one I went to after I had DD, but I only saw the postnatal room when I was there, and wanted to check out the birthing rooms and tub rooms. Plus, I pretty much just thought it would be fun. :p


And it was! The birthing rooms have these awesome slings. I thought it was just a knotted rope hung from the ceiling, but it turned out to be a doubled piece of cloth that you could knot together at various heights - like those silk trapeze things they have in circuses. So you could sort of hang from it from your armpits, like that position where you hang off your partner's neck (which I never felt inclined to do in labour, but mostly 'cause I thought it might break DH!). Or you could tie the knot low and sort of sit in it and swing around, or sit on a birth stool and rest your arms on it, or whatever. Highly neat. They had another one suspended over the birth pool, which was a really nice round deep one - how you get in and out I'm not sure, but it looked lovely nevertheless!


The postnatal rooms were pretty much how I remembered - very tasteful, nice showers - and there was a familywhanau room I didn't know about. So now I'm kind of excited to birth there! The birth room had plenty of room for DD to sit and watch DVDs on DH's laptop, if she ends up being there; and room to set out snacks. Also nice adjustable lighting and a CD player.


DD was thrilled with the whole experience. She excitedly pointed out all the photos of babies on the walls, and which ones were having the milks, informed me loudly that she used to have the milks when she was a small baby (which is slightly odd, because she still has the milks - oh well!), and insisted that one mother-baby-father statue was the baby Jesus. When we finished the tour and had to go home, DD said "But I thought your baby was gonna come out!" I think she charmed the tour. :p


Ooh, and we got a bag full of info pamphlets, and it included a chocolate bar and some free samples of hand cream and such! I love free stuff. So, yay! The other mothers on the tour seemed really nice; it was a pity we didn't have time to chat, but none of them looked as pregnant as me so I guess we won't be in at the same time anyway.


So, I bought evening primrose oil the other day and can't remember when you're supposed to start taking it. Not yet, I assume (I'm not 37 weeks for two more days). I remember taking it before I was induced with DD, and that was at 39+4, so... 38 weeks or so? I actually had some left over from DD - discovered it in the cupboard and was all "Ooh", until I realised it had expired two years ago. :p


I've started taking calcium every day (thanks Mamatoabunch for that advice!), and borrowed some newborn baby clothes from a friend today (thank goodness, we REALLY needed more onesies!), and have generally been feeling pretty excited and baby-positive. I may have had one or two contractions today while listening to my Hypnobabies tracks - or it might have just been gas or something. Either way, I managed to relax the pain away using my hypno-techniques, and it worked, so yay! Pity it's stopped working for my heartburn, though... I chug Gaviscon like an addict these days.

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A diaper service sounds nice right now!  I've been frustrated with my dipes since we moved into a place with a front loader.  Those things are NOT cloth diaper friendly.  I was so happy when the house we bought had regular washer and dryer in it (I know, I'm crazy!), but I am at this moment doing a serious soak to help the ammonia build up (from the previous machine) to go away.  Ugh.  I'm excited about cloth diapering an itty bitty baby, though!  I've never done that before!  Also, as soon as things settle in, I think DD is very ready to begin potty training, but life has been in such upheaval, I haven't had the heart to change the rules on her again!


Yesterday I had uncomfortable BH that wouldn't go away no matter what I was doing.  I did drink lots of water and some RRL ice tea, and they stopped hurting.  Today, I woke up at six am, and as typical, my arm was numb and I couldn't get the blood back into it again.  I could not get comfortable, so I did some stretches and decided to move some boxes around.  I totally cleared out and organized our family room, designating boxes to various locations--before 7 am.  The rest of the day, I sorted, washed, dried, and folded laundry, moved and emptied boxes, rearranged book shelves, cleaned the kitchen, found homes for countless items, sorted my birth supplies, hung pictures, ordered things online I needed, paid bills, called companies to set up payments, etc.  All while caring for a sick toddler and toting my swollen, sore, and pregnant body around.  I was a crazy lady.  My muscles ache tonight.  Thankfully, my MIL surprised us and brought us dinner, because I could barely make it around the kitchen to set even that up!


Tomorrow I am getting a massage, a chiropractic adjustment, and possibly going swimming with DH and DD.  If I have time, I hope to also do a little in DD's room (somehow in all my flurry, I totally ignored the one room I had intended on focusing on today!).  But I am going to try HARD to not make tomorrow's list look like today's.  On Wednesday, I have some offered help, so I might tackle the stuff piled around the garage (breaking down boxes, moving totes to the shed, designating places for actual garage type things).  But we will see!  Or I could go into labor tonight from all the activity!

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That sounds like and AWESOME birth center, Smokering!  I love the idea of those swings.


What's the deal with the calcium?  I haven't been able to take minerals or vitamins in weeks because I get nauseous, but I thought I'd ask anyway!  I HOPE I'm getting lots of good stuff from the herbal infusion I drink every day.

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Well, according to Mamatoabunch in a thread in the main pregnancy forum (or was it the birth forum?), taking calcium supps for a few weeks before birth and then every hour during labour helps with the pain. And I'm not a fan of pain. So I figured I'd try it. :p DH finally got around to reading the Hypnobabies Birth Partner Guide, and it told him to keep an eye on the time (discreetly) and remind me every hour to drink and go to the toilet; so I told him to give me a calcium pill at the same time. Maybe a magnesium one as well? And I'll be drinking a big batch of my Third Trimester Tea when I go into labour, if I remember. And doing Hypnobabies. So basically, if I have an easy labour I'll have no idea why. :p But I'll forsake the scientific method happily in the hopes that something will work!

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I've only ever had a front loading washer, but never a problem with getting diapers clean. Hmmm.

All of the normal hospitals here in Switzerland have those slings hanging around the birthing rooms...and balls, and tubs. They do like to monitor the baby, but it's the wireless kind and waterproof. :-) i hope someday that is the standard everywhere!
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Smokering, the birth center sounds lovely! I wish there was some type of service I could call and have them come and install all that stuff in my house for the birth! I know DH will be fine with the tub set-up and all, but it is so nice to have it all there and ready for you! (my state does not allow birth centers so it's either typical hospital or home). Oh, and I would not start the EPO until you are at term (so 37 weeks). Are you ingesting it or applying it to your cervix?

I have been taking Cal/mag supplements all pregnancy and they have helped with my RLS. My prenatal pack of vitamins also has 2 calcium pills in it that I take with breakfast and dinner and I am hoping that will help with labor as well! I also have an arsenal of homeopathics ready to go for early labor and in case of a stall. I am also taking the Dr. Christopher's birth prep pills - just started those this weekend when I turned 34 weeks!! 34 weeks??? Yikes! How did that happen????!!!

Josie, yay for a massage and chiro!! I have a gift certificate for a massage and I am going today too! I wish I could afford chiro care - I think my body could really use it. I have also had a lot of painful BH and I think it is making me restless. I think that with every new ache and pain I get, I feel a stronger need to move around instead of relax which kind of seems backwards to me, but I just have to assume it is my body's way of preparing and go with the flow.

Happy day everyone!!
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How much detergent are you using for your dipes?  And what kind?  I teach a diapering class and a troubleshooting class for washing too.  I have a front loader and love love love it for my diapers.  


Smokering- that BC sounds wonderful.  


I started my EPO last pregnancy at 37 weeks, I was having so many contractions from it thought that I had stop.  Even though it's not supposed to start contractions.  om.gif


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Smokering, I'm in jealousy land here.  That birthing center sounds heavenly.  Our hospital has 1 tub room, and it's kind of small, my mom might get kicked out to the hallway when we move to the tub just for space reasons.  But it's the best option within a 3 hour drive, so I'll take what I get :)  


I have 1 week of work left and am just ecstatic. bouncy.gif  It has been a long few months with school and work.  DH finishes finals the same day I get done with work.  We're not going to know what to do.  DD is going to go into shock with all the extra play time she's going to get with us.  


Josie, are you using anything special in your soak? Or just hot water?  We developed a nasty ammonia problem in the last week and I'm trying to get rid of it.  


Is anyone else tired of the rain?  This is the first time in the 4 years DH and I have lived in Northern Cali that it's still raining in May.  Every other year it's tipping 100 here!

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Argh. I just found out that my town passed a city ordinance banning nursing children over two in public. I'm pretty sure it's not legal, since breastfeeding is specifically allowed by state law here, but on the other hand, the state law says "babies," not toddlers or preschoolers or 3 year olds. My 3 year old is definitely going to be doing some nursing in public after the baby is born, unless I stop going out. I really don't even want to think about this.


And I've always said smo-ker-ing also. It's kind of cute, though it makes no sense. ^_^

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Josie - I got tired just reading your list of everything you accomplished in one day. I'm not worthy!


Smokering - That birth center sounds awesome. I wish I could have the rope thing set up in my house when I do my home birth - that would just be awesome!


Tracymom - I've considered cal/mag supplements for my RLS. I have both calcium and magnesium pills in the house, but I'm not sure if it's the right form, dosage, etc...Plus, my midwife was saying something about there being a liquid form that might work better. What kind are you using?


Amity - That's so odd that your city felt the need to make a law about nursing in public over a certain age. You'd think they'd have other more pressing issues to worry about.


AFM - I can't believe how ready I am to be done being pregnant and I'm behind several of you ladies. I'm only 34 weeks right now. I just feel so ready to be done done done. I'm so exhausted and my DH and I are constantly at odds. He's a full-time student. He just finished finals for spring semester and now started presummer semester yesterday. He has two weeks of full-time school, which means attending from 8-5:30 Monday through Friday and then spending all evening studying. Then he has a week of clinicals, which won't be nearly as bad because at least once he's home he's done and not studying. I've been feeling so burned out trying to keep everything running as smoothly as possible in the meantime - my daycare business, the house and all of its upkeep, daily chores, running after my very rambunctious, energetic, and highly emotional almost 4 year old son. Not to mention the things I'm not getting done that are hanging over my head - getting my birth basket ready for the home birth, washing all the newborn cloth diapers, finishing my son's new bedroom, getting our room decluttered enough that we can attach the cosleeper to the bed, as well as giving the house a good scrubbing so that our midwife doesn't have to see the ungodly mess that is our house! I've definitely been more screamo mom with my son lately. My patience is just very thin and it's hard to hold myself together with him a lot and I have next to none left for DH by the time evening hits. So it's felt a bit rough around here. But I know it's all temporary. I'm just so ready to meet our new little bundle of joy and find out if we have a girl or a boy!

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Hey Ladies! Another week down!!!


I had my 36w midwife appointment today, and the results of my last U/S were good; they will not be inducing for now, however they would like to do a few natural things to get my body thinking about labour, namely:



Originally Posted by Smokering View Post

So, I bought evening primrose oil the other day and can't remember when you're supposed to start taking it. Not yet, I assume (I'm not 37 weeks for two more days). I remember taking it before I was induced with DD, and that was at 39+4, so... 38 weeks or so? I actually had some left over from DD - discovered it in the cupboard and was all "Ooh", until I realised it had expired two years ago. :p


My midwife suggested today that I start applying EPO to my cervix each night when I go to bed. She said that the capsules would just dissolve overnight. Anyone done this before??? Do some of you break open the capsule and just apply the contents? The internet mostly talks about taking it orally...


Also, my midwife suggested weekly stretch and sweeps as of my next appointment, also to get my body thinking about labour, and I agreed, although am not looking forward to afterwards :(


But I'm sooo thrilled b/c the baby's BPP was good, and S/D ration in my umbilical cord was good, as were fluid levels. I've been grinning all day long. I spent all last night CONVINCED that I was up for induction this week, if not today.


We also did the virtual tour of the birthing centre at our hospital last night. OMG, it looks soo nice compared to where I had DD1. No ceiling slings, but jacuzzi tubs with railings to get in and out (ahem), food in the fridge, and big windows. Oh, and telemetry EFM, though not waterproof, so that if need be I could still move about while being monitored, although that's not standard practice with midwives; they usually just do intermittent ausculation. Even though I will only be there a few hours, hopefully, last night got me really excited about giving birth :))





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My midwife just broke open a capsule and spread the innards directly onto my cervix.  Easy peasy.

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I just put a small hole in the EPO capsule using small scissors or (I know I know) my teeth and insert it as far as possible. I can never reach my cervix very well when heavily pregnant.

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i feel ready to bring this baby into the world! joy.gif


oh, and we may have just agreed on a boy's name... whoa.


and the moon is full.


i'm so feelin it...dust.gif

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When I used EPO with DD, I just pricked a hole in the capsule and stuck it as far as it would go! I had to wear a pad to bed bc some leaked out, but I regularly received compliments on how soft my cervix was ;) too bad the thing wouldn't dilate! I used it every night for about 2 weeks. 


Josie-- Holy cow! I can't believe you got all that done. Hurts the next day, but feels oh so good to get all the accomplished :) I need some of your energy for SURE.     p.s.--- when I was using a FL to wash my dipes, I had to put a wet towel in the washer to make the water level appropriate for cleaning diapers. Without it, I just couldn't get enough water in there! I also had to use MORE soap than in a TL AND do an extra rinse to get that out. Every couple of weeks I would do a whole day of soaking and the "sanitary" cycle on my inserts and everything that wasn't PUL to help keep them cleaner.     But, I'm with you... I LOVE my top loader for diapers and would die without it!    OH! I also had to leave the door open and wipe down the door seals and inside of the washer regularly to keep the stinkies away. <--- I personally used a cleaner with bleach, but I know some mamas aren't into that. 


Smokering--- SO jealous of your birthing center. The closer I get to birth-day, the more I dislike my OB and hospital set up. I miss my midwife so BAD!!!!!!


Tracy and Josie--- I could so use a pregnancy massage right now! Luckily, I have my chiropractic to keep me going, but a nice relaxing massage would be AMAZING. Too bad I am too cheap to spend $$ on myself haha


RedEyedvireo---- Can they do that? I feel like that is just plain ridiculous, and laughable at best. I don't know if I would be able to keep my mouth shut about that one!



And for me....Had my 36 week appointment today, Not GBS+ !, didn't really think that I would be, but still nice to know :)  The midwife gave me a prescription for Tylenol with codiene. <--- She was surprised that I accepted it! What I didn't tell her, was that it was for DH or me AFTER the baby comes. DH will be out in the field for days at a time and occasionally needs something when he gets home to sleep and ward off all the aches from sleeping on the ground and even though I have never taken it before, it would be nice for the occasional migraine I'm sure. 


Basically, I told her that I am not willing to do anything to stop the ctx from happening and that I would simply deal with it until my c-section date. It's bad enough that I have to have a c-section, I'm not going to be drugging myself and the baby for 3 weeks until then. Apparently it's not uncommon for a pregnant mom to take Procardia and a narcotic pain medication EVERY day until their due date. Does that seem crazy to anyone else but me????


Anywho... we are making slow strides with getting the house finished. I think I've come to terms that it won't be when he gets here. Why can't my hubby be nesting like me? :)



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I only ever took EPO orally with DD - I'm a bit squeamish about the other method. I dunno if the oral EPO "worked" - I was induced, but on the other hand it didn't take much (prostoglandin gel and AROM, but no Pitocin, thank goodness); so I guess my body was pretty ready for labour? I was nearly 40 weeks by then anyway.


Yes, we're really lucky in New Zealand with birth centres! We actually have two in my city, both of which are pretty nice. We chose the one that has a reputation for better food, and bigger tubs. :p But if they should happen to be full (unlikely) it's like a 3-minute drive to the other birthing centre. When I had DD the major drawback of our centre was that DH had to sleep on a wide window seat thing, but they've since gotten fancy custom-made double beds! Apparently they'll have sidecar cribs soon too, but probably not until after the baby's born.


redeyedvireo: That SUCKS! Are people kicking up a stink about it? I can't imagine why anyone would be uptight enough to pass a law like that... I mean, are there really rampaging hordes of nursing four-year-olds terrorising the city? Who CARES?! And how is "in public" defined anyway?


Tonight a friend is coming over to watch the latest Harry Potter with me. (She was all excited to find out I'm a (moderate) HP fan, and said "Me too! I love it!", and then it turned out she hadn't seen the last two movies. I'd forgotten that some people aren't as geeky as me...) Then on Friday night a few friends and I are going to a fancy restaurant, just because we can! I'm hoping to fill up the next few weeks with stuff like that (well, mostly cheaper...) so I don't get too impatient for labour to start - chances are that I have a good 3-5 weeks to go, and I don't want to go crazy!

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Sigh. Just got back from my 37-weeks-tomorrow MW appointment. Freaking baby has gone transverse on me.

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I miss talking to you all! We are finishing up packing, getting the truck tomorrow and leaving Thursday. I am sitting here a minute. I cannot believe I will be 36 weeks on Thursday. Dh started his leave now, so I hope baby arrives soon after we arrive. 

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