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Weekly Chat Thread 5/17 - 5/24

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Time to start a new chat thread.

Hi, everyone!  My semester ended last Friday and I napped most of the weekend.  I have lurked a little and posted a little.  Can't wait to get to know my fellow DDC members.  This is my third MDC DDC.  I bet that would be fun to say out loud.

This pregnancy was a surprise, and I'm finally starting to get excited now that finals week is over.  I never imagined having four children when I was younger, but it makes sense now.


I will be meeting my midwife for the first time on Friday morning.  I'm nervous.  I LOVE the CPM who attended my last two births and I'm a little heart-broken that it isn't possible to have her again.  However, my new CPM has a family connection.  She delivered my brother-in-law.  My husband, who was eleven at the time, found her likeable.

My 5- and 7-yr-olds are finishing their last month of school and I can't wait until it's over!  M/S has me feeling icky and uncomfortable all day.  Luckily, no actual vomiting yet this time around...


Speaking of school schedule & M/S, I need to have a snack before I wake the girls up ...




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I'm just hanging out waiting to meet a new midwife too, she's the closest one to me now since my last MW moved....she is the mw my mw used for hers tho, so hopefully our personalities are compatible.

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I finished my semester 2 weeks ago.. right during a move. I am taking summer classes this year too, but I don't start until June 13. This is also my 3rd MDC pregnancy! (This is also my 3rd baby!)

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I'll have to chalk this up to "pregnancy brain":  My MW appointment was THIS MORNING - not Friday.  Now it is scheduled for next Tuesday.  La la la ...

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oops! Sheepish.gif

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Haha I have missed more than my share of appointments during my last 2 pregnancies (thankfully not yet this time)!


I just found out I have strep throat...I have been miserable for a week now...and of course my antibiotics are supposed to be really strong and mess up my tummy even more (I'm going to eat yogurt like no tomorrow even though it makes me want to vommit at the moment lol) the good news is I don't have to work tomorrow now!


I can't believe I only have 2-3 weeks (depending how you count the first trimester) until I am through the first trimester - crazy!


Ok nothing too special to add to the conversation today lol..

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LilMomma- When does the 2nd Tri begin? You'd think I'd remember this by now, but preggo brain is here too!



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Some say 12 weeks and some say 13...

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We have our first prenatal visit with our midwife tomorrow!  We are going to try to hear the heart beat...I will be 10 weeks 2 days.  I think we heard my DD's heartbeat around 11 weeks!!  This is my second pregnancy but first home birth...my first came so fast that she was delivered in the back of an ambulance!

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I mentioned in the last chat thread about DF being gone for a month.. well he found a way to contact me.. yay! I think he used a friend's phone to send me an email from.. so I am happy he made it safely, but I so wish I could talk to him to tell him our good baby news!!!


Ava's Mama- Hope you have a great appt tomorrow and can hear the HB! I have a friend who has very fast labors too, she also opted for a HB the 2nd time around because of it.

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Ugh. i hate throwing up :( I'd been fine up until the last week, and now I am sick every morning. Isn't it a little late to be sick? I have feeling m/s before, but not throwing up, and now I am throwing up all the time!

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SierraBella- The only cure for puking w/ dd2 was delivering her....it was awful and I hope yours passes quickly!


I'm so proud of myself. I rolled off the couch and started laundry, cleaned (ish) the kitchen, AND cleaned the bathrooms. That was after I took the girls for their well-child visits. Although, now, I'm exhausted.


I've been feeling pretty good, I guess. No vomiting yet, and just that ick and tired feeling. We interviewed a midwife tuesday, she was a full hour away, but I think it will be okay...especially if I have another 4-5 hour labor. Anyone else planning homebirths? This will be my second.

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I have been so exhausted lately, I feel like I spend a majority of my time sleeping. And I seem to be having lots of symptoms that I usually only have in late pregnancy, heart burn, pelvic pain, gas. No vomiting, just a bit of nausea here or there.


My first appointment is next Thursday. I am so nervous-I am really hoping everything goes ok. I had a loss recently and I don't know what I'll do if something is wrong again. I don't think I will relax until I see a heartbeat on the screen. My 18 month old keeps telling me there are three babies in there, and she better not be right or I will faint on the table! lol

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Originally Posted by StephM76 View Post

I have been so exhausted lately, I feel like I spend a majority of my time sleeping. 

Me too! It makes me feel majorly lazy. Also, apparently, the vomiting began late for me too, but I spent the last week hurling. Ugh.


In regards to last week's underwear postings, I'll add: I just picked up some from Thyme maternity, and woohoo, they're so so comfy. Like wearing nothing, but with the comfort of panties. Comfy undies, where have you been all my life? So yes, if you can get yourself some of these, DO IT! Your bottom will be so happy.

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I wish we had a Thyme Maternity store here.  It looks like you can't order online either.  I think I'll give the Gap undies a try.....


I have been forcing myself to get some stuff done around the house.  I am really tired (ha...no pun intended) of doing nothing and feeling yuck all day.  I'm taking a stand against my body!! I'll let you know how that works out.  :) 

I'm also having way more symptoms early on.  Last night, I slept on the same side nearly all night and when I turned over, my uterus hurt SO bad.  I don't remember being uncomfortable in bed until way later.  Time to pull out the body pillow.....



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Good to hear another positive review about the panties. I'm not in need of any yet, most of mine are low rise already, but maybe I'll try them finally once I'm in need. I heard people rave about them for years, but never actually bought any myself. My boss used to wear them all the time though. lol. |In general I really am a huge fan of Thyme. I've found for the general price range, they have the most stylish and least froofy clothing. Other than the long tanks from old navy (which I can only buy in the states... ironic), it's the only brand I really have any interest in. But it does majorly suck that you can't purchase online. It's something they were supposedly working on when I was still there three years ago, but they must have scrapped the idea. If anybody IS in dire need of new clothing though, they will often do COD orders, or I know we used to. 


Told most of the family last night, and then anyone at work that had the nerve to ask why I wasn't wearing my normal uniform. Such an emotionally draining day, and it didn't help that I woke up at 11am, spent the whole day outside in the sun, and then only slept for about 30 minutes before going to work for an overnight shift. Disaster!  The news went over well with everyone, other than DH's youngest sister who is undergoing personal "crisis" right now, (ie she's 20 and the guy she likes just asked out someone else), so her response was "good job", tapped DH on the shoulder and walked away. My mom asked me immediately for a list of baby things I want. It was funny, but it makes me more confident we'll be able to get all the "big things" we want. There's several items on our wish list that are... well, several hundred dollars, and so we're hoping family members will go in together to purchase some of them for showers etc. 


Only have a couple extra people that need to be told and then it's ok for "public consumption". 

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I have never had to get new undies during a PG. They just turn into low riders, lol.

I'm getting more and more nauseous these days. Having trouble eating and have to avoid gross things. (I will be 9w tomorrow.) This should make Sunday super interesting, as we have five cornish game hens in need of butchering, lol. I was supposed to do it Tuesday, but decided to wait until Sunday so I could have DH there to help if I start throwing up. I don't typically consider butchering chickens to be gross, but I also don't typically consider mold growing on old food in the fridge to be gross, either, and I ran to the bathroom with that NEARLY throwing up feeling about five times while cleaning out the fridge. We'll see. I'm currently considering blaming nausea and asking him to clean out and disinfect the coop, though, lol.

I do not think I've ever been this tired. I remember when I was PG with DD, and DS was 4, I mentioned to her that I'd been feeling really good and wasn't even really that tired. She laughed and said it was because i didn't have a two year old. Well, DD is 2 now. Yeah. AND we're homeschooling, and my business is up, which is good, but also tiring... sigh. Looking forward to that second trimester energy surge.

Oh, ALSO. I have to participate in lame Wellness Programs to keep my health insurance thru DH's work. The four programs are: Health coaching, Weight loss, Smoking Cessation, and Future Footsteps (pregnancy). I've detested my Health coaching, as I know more about nutrition than my Coach does, so I wasn't looking forward to my first phone call with my L&D nurse for the Future Footsteps program. Well, actually, in a devilish sort of way, I was looking at it as a form of entertainment until December. Well, we had our first appt on Monday, and as it turns out, the nurse i got randomly assigned had four homebirths and raises her own organic poultry and cattle. Ha. I kind of am in love with her just a little bit.
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I'm turning a corner!!!  I managed to vacuum part of my house (hasn't seen a vacuum in over 3 weeks.....with two dogs.  yuck), clean my son's bathroom and do a lot of laundry!!  I also helped with dinner and even rinsed the dishes after without a gag!!  I still feel like if I pushed it, I could puke, but this is serious progress!


Also, had to add that I bought a bunch of nectarines at the store yesterday.  They smell SO delightful that I would probably be happy with one strapped to my face all day.  

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Me too! I slept all day (coming off of a midnight shift), but then since about 5pm, I've been working like crazy. I watched Grey's Anatomy while crocheting the sweater I'm making for the babe, and then I decided to go to the 'baby's room' and start clearing out junk, so I took a bunch of photos of things I want to get rid of in the next few weeks, and then noticed the dog had peed in there (again-- and he's supposed to be fully potty trained!) so I swept the whole room, and then got down on my hands and knees and washed the whole floor. Then I went into our bedroom and put away the massive pile of laundry I've been avoiding while I've been too tired/nauseus... then I did another load, moved the bed like DH has been asking for the past few weeks, and swept that whole room. I even went through my closet and took out several pairs of pants and shorts that already don't fit. 


Now I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow, but right now, it just feels amazing to well... feel human!

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Oh man.. I wish I could clean my house better. My sickness has only increased! Also, we just moved into this place 3 weeks ago, and I still haven't entirely unpacked. DF is gone, so he's not here to help me either.


I posted my news on FB yesterday. I figured since we had a great appt and the SCH has resolved, and my Dr said that we should be fine from here on out, I felt OK about telling everyone. We were going to wait to post on FB until I was 12 or 13 weeks, but I think we're safe. DF doesn't know that I told FB world yet, since he's out of the country though, and as far as I can tell he hasn't had internet access yet.

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