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4 days late, sore boobs and 2 NEG HPT

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i am 4 days late im up to 37 days since my last period, i have sore boobs and have been severly hungry all the time i mean eating all day and hungry half hour after main meals and 10 min after a small meal. i have had pains for 2 days i did a HPT 4 days ago and it was NEG and did another today and NEG. I am unsure how to feel about it i feel like i am preg but i dont know because 2 neg HPT. what do you all think

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Without knowing when you ovulated it is impossible to know how late your period is- in other words how many DPO you are.  Some women test positive as early as 8 or 9 DPO, but others need to wait until 12-18 DPO and sometimes more.  Much depends on when the embryo actually implanted, how high your hCG levels are, and how sensitive your HPT's are.  Some HPT's only need your levels to be at 20, but others don't turn positive until 50.


In any given cycle your ovulation can be delayed, thus delaying your period, making the wait even longer.  When my ovulation is delayed it is usually delayed by 3-5 days.  You think you're 4 days late right now, which is not terribly likely to give you a false negative.  So my guess is that you're actually not that late and either AF or a BFP is coming your way in the next week.  I know its hard and frustrating to wait, but I would give it another week.  If no AF and no BFP at that point, you could go in for a blood test, which is much more sensitive than an HPT.


I highly recommend learning to chart if you are not pg this cycle so that you know exactly where you are in your cycle.  It eliminates this kind of confusing situation.  Keep us updated!!

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hey thanks for the advise, i feel a little silly but i am new to the site and i have no ide of the abreviations lol i.e DPO , AF , BPF i know what hpt and hcg means but all the rest has me baffled.. is there a link on this site that can help me with this.

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DPO= days past ovulation

AF= aunt flo (your period)

BFP= bald faced positive or big fat positive (positive pregnancy test)


There is a thread for acronyms, which I'll try and track down for you, but you can also search for it and/or google. :)

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well AF here :( i really thought that i was preg i have never been this late before/long cycle oh well....

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Sorry that AF arrived.  Definitely delayed O.  Pick up a basal body thermometer at the drugstore and a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility today and start charting away for next cycle! 

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