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Pregnancy Testing

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I am 5 days past the start day of my period. I took a test yesterday and got a super faint positive. How long should I wait to test again?


I am new here so sorry if this is a silly question.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Congrats!!  A super faint positive is a positive nonetheless.   It simply means that your hCG levels are just barely high enough for that particular test.  If the pregnancy is viable, your levels should be doubling every 24-48 hours.  So even within 24 hours you should get a much darker positive.  Use concentrated pee for the best results- in other words, first of the morning urine, or if you're antsy by this evening, abstain from liquids for a couple hours and then test again.  If you can wait, though, it would be best to test again tomorrow morning.  winky.gif

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I had a super faint positive too... and now I'm at 32 weeks and look like I swallowed a beach ball, lol. Jaimee is right, test again soon, preferably with morning pee, and maybe with a different test brand, if it makes you feel better to have stronger confirmation. But a positive test is a positive test, even when the line is really faint. smile.gif

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Thanks so much to both of you.
I will let you know my story.

We weren't trying but we weren't preventing either. I have a DVT and am on blood thinners so I could have a ton of complications which is scary. But I got the DVT because I was on Birth Control. irked.gif

My doctor told me no more hormonal birth controls so I stopped. Barrier was the only other choice and we all know that is no fun especially when the lubricant is irritating.


So for a long time we have been using the old fashioned pull out method and nothing has happened which made us think that his boys retired or my girls were not working properly so we really weren't worried.

Now I am all nervous and feeling careless. I will update this again when I get a really dark positive.



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I know about feeling careless... that's how we got #2 and now #3.  Sigh...  Hugs mama!

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Congrats!  Don't freak out, though if it takes awhile to get dark.  For me, it always takes about a week to go from faint positive to dark positive.  It will gradually get darker, though.  Yay!  When's your due date?

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See your doc NOW! You are just about to get into the window of time where blood thinners (assuming you're on Coumadin/warfarin, if not disregard this message) can do some pretty nasty damage to the embryo. Your doctor can get you off those and onto an injectible if need be--no fun, I know, but much safer for babe.

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