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Smells that make you happy

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The smell of suntan lotion makes me so happy. How about you? What smells make you happy?
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OMG yes, suntan lotion and sunscreen!  I still have a tube of expired California Baby lotion from when DS was little that I will rub on the back of my hands once in a while.


I also adore lavendar and the smell of the woods in the fall.

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I love the smell of freshly dug peanuts. 

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It's a long list, but here are a few:



Freshly fallen snow. 

Eucalyptus forest. 

Pine forest. 

Fresh herbs - basil, thyme, lavender

Flowers - the scent on a breeze when I'm walking down a street, more than cut flowers in a vase - frangipani, lilac, jasmine, roses, freesia, apple blossom 


Odd scents that I like, but other's probably don't: 


Doggy smell

Old books

Newly cut lumber (carpenter's workshop) 

Rain on cement






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The smell of sauce cooking.  Reminds me of being a kid


Chimney's or burning leaves/garbage.  Reminds me of my grandmothers cottage at the lake. 


Chlorine.  Reminds me of pools and hotels/vacations. 


Desitan or Butt Paste. 


Coffee Brewing. 



ETA-Thanks Olly, I forgot to mention libraries.  I LOVE the smell of old books.  the older the better.  And museums. 

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Originally Posted by ~Charlie's~Angel~ View Post


Chlorine.  Reminds me of pools and hotels/vacations. 



Ah, yeah. I know all the problems about using chlorine bleach, but I still like that smell if it's been used to wipe down a bathroom. It just smells so much cleaner to me than anything else - vinegar, lemons, any other essential oils. I avoid using it but I miss it.  


ETA: Heh. X-posted while you edited your post to add libraries and old books. We must have similar olfactory systems!! 


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cottonwood buds and new leaves

lilac flowers


that dirt smell you notice in early spring when everything is just thawing out

my babies when they were little



The smell of sunscreen often makes me happy, but not so much because of the smell itself as because it reminds of other times and places when I used that brand of sunscreen.

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[quote name="Daffodil" url=that dirt smell you notice in early spring when everything is just thawing out

nod.gif That is a beautiful smell.
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The smell of fallen, brown pine needles on a hot day (incidentally, that's exactly what DS's head smelled like as a baby -- DD wasn't quite as lucky, her head smelled like the water you pour down the drain after steaming artichokes)


Daphne -- positively intoxicating


A certain herby, earthy smell that's in wild places near water -- close to a chamomile/mint/seabreeze combo, but not quite


Garlic and onions sauteeing on the stove -- you just know something yummy is coming soon

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almond extract and/or paste

original scent Tide

salty air at the beach

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Baking bread

The ocean

Real christmas trees

and even though I've never smoked and I think it's unhealthy, I love walking into a good smoke shop.  It smells wonderful.

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It's not a pleasant smell, but a smell that makes me happy is airplane fuel.  Usually when I'm smelling it, I'm off on a new adventure somewhere in the world with my dh and dd, or returning from a great trip.  Still, when I'm just taking dh to the airport for a conference he's off to, it evokes all sorts of lovely memories of our travels and lives abroad... and it is a very powerful reminder.


Interestingly, although I cook like a fiend every day and love being in the kitchen, the smells don't really evoke any pleasant response.  My mother never cooked (real food, anyway).  I have a few things my grandmother made that would probably make me happy if I smelled them, but her recipes died with her.

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cedar trees


fresh cut grass

cookies baking

fresh bread

Actually, I like the smell of a lot of things. And I love the smell of my dh!joy.gif
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Motor oil and gasoline.  Gramps was a mechanic, good memories...

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Green soap. 



Cinnamon rolls.

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salty ocean air
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Rain when it's been dry for quite a while

The smell of a variety of flowers in the sunshine


Fresh sawdust

Babies (clean ones, at least)...including breastmilk breath

Trees...pine, fir, cedar

The seashore - not sure exactly what causes it, but that smell of salt and seaweed and who knows what else.


I'm sure there are lots of others, but those are all off the top of my head.



ETA: Defniitely fresh citrus! And, yes - dh, as well. He smells wonderful.

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Lavender, lilacs, roses…

Fresh rain

Fresh cut grass

Coffee (and I don’t drink coffee)

Baking cookies

Christmas trees



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Fresh citrus

The ocean (note that I live in a desert)


Vicks vapo rub - i have no idea why

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The natural scent of my DH's clean sweat. luxlove.gif

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