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DH's job

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Hi Jamie:


I have a question about my husband's job. Could you tell me when (if at all) he will get fired (i.e. "laid off")? We have had a recent scare about him loosing his job, and since his job gives us fertility insurance coverage, it is even more important to us - so if you could also tell me anything that you see regarding what the future will be for our fertility insurance coverage (only provided by his job - not mine), that would be wonderful (we are still TTC).


Hope you haven't gotten any of the flooding in Mississippi.






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Hi there! You popped into my mind the other day and I was wondering how you were doing. Nice to hear from you!


The good news is that I do not see your husband being let go from his job, so with that you will keep your fertility coverage.

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I am ok. Still TTC, and hoping you are wrong about that baby being born in December, because that would mean I have a long time to wait. I did get six little baby chickens and a book about bee-keeping though - not a good substitute for a human baby, but kinda close. Thanks for thinking of me!


Dh found out that he was 'almost' fired a month or two ago - but his immediate boss saved him (uhoh3.gif). So glad to hear that you think he won't be fired. I hope you are right! It took him almost a year to find that job, and I really don't want to go through that again. His self-worth seems to be really tied to his job (seems to be a guy thing). Plus, of course, the fertility coverage is a big concern.


Glad to see you are still around - how are you? (so your house is not under water?)


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We are okay where I'm at sort of in the middle of the state. But 45 minutes North is steadily going under water and couple hours North has been under water. Not mention parts of the state were wiped out by a tornado that went for 200 miles b/n here and Alabama and Georgia. Completely flattened a town here. And the water has literally wiped a couple of towns off the map. It's been a tough year for Mississippi. Kind of scary. So far we have been fine right where we are located though..thanks for asking!


I'm glad you are finding things you want to try. Of course it's not a substitute, but it can keep your mind healthy and happy while you are patiently waiting your pregnancy. I've always wanted chicks. But we are going to be moving onto an RV and traveling the country as soon as our house sells. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


maybe I read the pregnancy wrong..maybe it's a December pregnancy, not birth. :)


Glad to hear from you. I truly was just thinking about you the other day, so I was happy to see your question. :)


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Well good luck selling the house! Sounds like a great adventure. Hmmmm, DS was born in December.
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