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My son will be turning five and we've started him at a Montessori school that hasn't yet been open for two years with the plan of keeping him there for Kindergarten and beyond (he's adapting wonderfully to the new environment).  Presently there are maybe 6 kids who are a year older than he is, and they have a teacher who's certified through 3rd grade so the school is growing, but as of now there is no one older than them.  Parents who have been w/ the school since the beginning are concerned about the lack of older students to fill the mentor roll, and I see their point.  The directors say that they've had calls from parents of older students inquiring, but it sort of sounded like they were covering their asses - I'm not sure.  But let's say they set up five tours from those calls, at best maybe one would come to the school - and even then, why would they want their kid to be the only 8yo?  That aside, would one student be enough to fill that role?  


Since I'm new to all of this (we've only been here a month, transferring after a disappointing experience at his first preschool) I'd love some feedback on the situation.  Does anyone have experience with a new, still growing school?