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For Trade: Brave New Reverse Swap! Swap cancelled-thanks anyway.

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or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Trade:
Brave New Reverse Swap! Swap cancelled-thanks anyway.

SWAP CANCELLED - Thanks for thinking about it.  Maybe next time.

Leaving up rules for future swaps.


For previous swappers: please note new guidelines for forum and the 'buy sell trade' rules

For new swappers: please read guidelines and possibly browse earlier swap threads/ask questions if you're not certain how a swap runs


Buy sell trade rules here

New swap forum guidelines here


Rules borrowed from several earlier swaps.
Thanks to all the mamas who contributed to the following:


This is a reverse swap.

Please list packages valued at $20.

If you have questions about how much something is worth, do not hesitate to ask.  Rounding out your package with coffee, chocolates, or delicious baked goods is totally okay.



This swap is limited to 20 participants.


When setting up your package lists for the swap:
Don't forget to number (and name) your packages for the organizer to help make things smoother.  Pictures are always great too!


Please keep your packages listed in one post and add to your list by editing that post.
Please format your posts in the following way:

 fabswapper #1 newborn fitted diapers
fabswapper#2 homemade bath salts


Please mention the following if it applies:

I'd like to swap X packages.
I am in the US/Canada/etc.
I can/cannot ship internationally



If you drop out of the swap, please edit your post so we no longer see the packages you listed. This makes things easier for people picking packages and the one organizing.

From the forum rules:

Participants shall not be involved in more than 3 swaps at any given time.

All participants must have some proof that a package has been sent. This can be DC, Insurance, Customs forms, PO receipt that can be scanned, etc...

If a member does not send out a swap package in the allotted time and is not actively working with the recipient to resolve the situation, the moderator of the forum is to be contacted and they will lose their TP access until the situation is resolved.  

This swap is open to all 50 states and Canada and international mamas so please keep that in mind when determining how many packages you'd like to send.

If you can not send internationally, please post this with your packages.

We all understand that life and emergencies happen, but PLEASE be timely and keep the mama you are sending to and your swap organizer well informed of what is happening.  Failure to do so and/or resolve the situation will probably mean that you will not be welcome to participate in future swaps.  Plus, just think of all the bad karma.

You need to post to the thread or PM your partner(s) when you send and receive your packages. We want to make sure everyone participating gets their packages and join their excitement.

Please remember to leave feedback for the mama(s) who sent to you.


Swap cancelled - thanks for thinking about it!  Maybe another time.  Leaving up rules for future swap organizers.



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Saved for Sign-ups and Matches


1. mumkimum

2. cyrusmama

3. olivesmama

4. les_oiseau

5. scrapadoozer

6. sleeplessmommy

7. maggi315

8. hikingfortruth







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Signing myself in.  wave.gif



mumkimum #1: little girly sweaters Selection of EUC girly sweaters ranging from 3-12mo.  Includes: pink gap 3/4 cotton cardigan, short sleeve nannekins embroidered cowgirl sweater (real cute!), white gap cotton with red flower, peachy children's place fuzzy sweatshirt, plain ivory gap cardigan and pink gymboree cardigan (with attached toy pocket panda), and green flowered ON long sleeve/pant romper.  Photos in my album  Adding 2 6-12 mo ON dressy dresses - one sleeveless pink wrap-type dress, one black velvet short-sleeved dress, both EUC.


mumkimum #2: little boy outfits Selection of 3mo-12mo clothes.  NWT brown/white carters sleeper, navy with girrafes gap romper, ON turquoise sunhat, brown Gymboree cords with emboridered doggies and ON pocketed red onesie.  Will include really neat lizard cloth book.  Photos in my album.


mumkimum #3: size M maternity Nice selection of good brands, some smalls, larges too and a few NWOT.  I also have a never-worn maternity Liz Lange tankini, perfect for the summer.  


mumkimum #4: toddler girl dresses 3T/100 - Red janie & jack skirt with 2 tops - ON red short sleeve and Gymboree red top with tulip, Pink/white striped Land's end dress, warmer orange catimini dress, flowered Hanna tunic-dress.  Photos in my album


mumkimum #5: felt board playsets - Like new condition, two boards one with ocean animals and the other beach scene/people/etc.  Excellent condition (I think the ocean animal one has never been used, other set seems to almost have figures from 2 boards - so lots of stuff).


mumkimum #6: fun cooking time - Set of 3 tovolo ice cream sandwich makers (pig, cow, and star).  Several Everyday Food issues.  Plus some more things I haven't figured out yet - at minimum will add a half-batch homemade granola.


mumkimum #7: diapering - Dozen new, unused prefolds & new packaged snappi.  Plus your choice of size M fleece swaddlebees ivory cover or Bumkins M dr.seuss print cover.  


mumkimum #8: girly toddler tie-dye 2T (some 3T) Batik design blue footprint tshirt, bright multicolor cotton velour 3/4 sleeve shirt, pink/purple long sleeve cotton dress, pink/brown cotton long sleeve hoodie.  Photos in my album.





Short iso:  Could use 12-18mo summer girl clothes including modest swimsuit and 18-24mo warmer clothes (esp. cotton pj's).  Would welcome size L wool diaper covers or shorties or fleece nighttime covers or hemp inserts.  Doublers welcome of any kind too.     

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Me me me! :)


I'll start listing packages tomorrow when my little one isn't climbing on me. I'll try to come up with a iso list too.


Cyrusmama1 -- Ergo diaper bag-- A Ergo brand diaper bag looks like a laptop bad in camel color. I bought it on ebay new thinking it was smaller and have only used it once.



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i would love to participate, but i'm not too sure about what is good to send. can it be ANYTHING? and how many packages do I need to get together? My girl has so many clothes that are too little for her, and toys she doesn't really play with, so this would be an awesome way to recycle her old things. Plus I can sew and paint and random crafty things like that. What's expected of each package, besides the value?

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olivesmama (and anyone else new to swaps) - here is a link to a past reverse swap.  


Anything that is okay and that you are willing to mail is fine, any number of packages is fine (the more you have available the more likely it is that you'll have other people pick your packages.)  Things you've  made are great too.  Looking at the past swap is a good way to get ideas of what an adequate package is.  Since most of what people are sending out is used, it's always nice to be generous.  And please make sure that you're sending items that you would find appropriate to be given to others (so things that are not totally worn out or in poor condition, unless that's disclosed and it's still of interest to others in that condition).


Once we have people signed up with packages listed, you just look over everyone's and pm a list of what you'd be most interested in to the organizer (me) and I sort through the picks and organize who sends what to who.    

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I'm out, sorry :( 

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Have added everyone who's noted interest now.  peace.gif

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I'd like to be in! I really hope this swap gets off the ground!


Will be adding more!


Scrap #1 NWT Gymboree One Piece.

*18-24 mo. blue NWT long sleeve Gymboree one piece.

*Other boyish new or like new clothing in same size.


Scrap #2 Sunbaby Diapers

*4 of the original run of Sunbaby OS pocket diapers w/ one insert each. Two red & two green.

*5 double-sided flannel cotton wipes.


Scrap#3 Wii Games

*Two Wii games. Will add titles soon.



ISO: Gender neutral clothing in 0-3 months size, size 3T boys clothes (I really need a zip up hooded sweatshirt and pajamas!), 2nd grade secular homeschooling materials



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Yay!  Added you scrapadoozer.



I may extend dates, trying to drag the swap along so we get a decent bunch here.  But there's a whole other week coming up, so maybe it'll fill up with fantastic-dream packages during that time.  You don't know if you don't try!  


Feel the swap love.  Join in!  love.gif

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thaaanks. for some reason i didn't get an email saying this thread was updated but i finally checked back! hopefully i can get a few packages together this week! i'll post them as soon as i can!

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Added details & pictures for some of my packages.  Some are a bit sparse and I'll probably try to add a few items to them.



Some others have added packages too.  thumb.gif

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Join our swap! Please . . . flowersforyou.gif

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I added some things to my packages...... may add more, especially if more people join in, don't really see anything I need yet. And I should be able to get some pictures added tomorrow

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Originally Posted by SleeplessMommy View Post

I will be back later with more packages...


Sleepless#1: dried organic lavender and sage from my yard :-)


Oooh.. this may convince me to join.  I have a bunch of yarn sitting around I could easily part with.  Let me mull this over!

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ok I put pictures up smile.gif    If anything looks like I should rearrange the way I did this, or add something to one of the packages to make it worth more please let me know!

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Hello all.  thumb.gif


les_oiseau - your packages look good.


everyone else - I'll probably extend the swap for another week here and we'll see if it helps things, I'm not sure if we really have enough stuff to pull it off yet. . . looks like its coming around slowly, so put up stuff you find to swap and hopefully we'll get this off the ground.




hey you nut.gif - join in!  I'm sure you have some nice things laying around that could get loved elsewhere, and it's fun to get a surprise package in your otherwise ordinary day.  We have some great veteran swappers and newbies with nice stuff. . . I'm sure you can fit in too.

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I'd like to do this, haven't been able to participate for a long time! Anyone looking for american girl books, the ones for preteens/teens?

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Hi maggi315!


Looks like this is becoming a lazy summer swap.  I've put actual extended dates through the 10th (next Friday).  We'll see how that goes. . .I'd rather just have this drag on than give up on it (because I really like the swaps love.gif).

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