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Midwifes in Northern New Jersey?

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I am new to this topic but it seems to be impossible to find a good midwife or birthing center! Can someone please recommend a place or mw? Thanks.

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If you mean an out-of-hospital birthing center, there are none in NJ.  There used to be but they've all shut down over the years.


For midwives there are actually quite a few if you mean homebirth, I'm not really up on in-hospital except for Lonnie Morris' group who I believe currently delivers out of Mountainside in Montclair and Avalon Midwives who deliver out of Morristown Memorial.


For homebirth the names I saw come up most often when I was looking were...


Valeriana Pasqua-masback

Anne Margolis

Jessica Lawlor

Judith Hagan


There are even more than that though and if you search NJ homebirth you should be able to find them.

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Hackettstown Midwives deliver at Morristown Memorial and do home births. Beauty of HB with them is if they need to transfer you to the hospital, they continue on as your primary care. There are three midwives in the group and they all work really well together.


They delivered my baby in December. Let me know if you'd like more info about them.

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For an in-hospital birth, Hackettstown Midwives will actually come to your home for support during early labor and then continue support in the hospital. 

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Judy Hagan also does homebirth/hospital care, she works with Hackettstown Midwives plus a Ob/Gyn/Midwife combo in Morristown too.


I've had 2 births with her, 2nd was a VBAC, very happy.




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I loved Marla Scott in Denville, delivers at Saint Clare's.  PM me for more info if you want.  Good luck!

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Hackettstown midwives are amazing as is Morristown hospital where I delivered with them in April 2011 (natural water birth).  While not a birthing center the facilities are great and nurses were extremely respective of our “comprehensive” birth plan.  Good luck.

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