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Safe to sleep in the moby?

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I am at my wit's end: I need to get some sleep during the day, but my ds (5 weeks old) won't sleep in his bed during the day. The only way he'll fall asleep during the day is in the moby. Is it safe for me to nap while he's in the moby with me? Any tips on how to get him to sleep in his bed?

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My babe was a little older when I'd do this - but I could get him to sleep in the moby and then sit down and recline back a little and snooze. We also used a pouch-style sling and after he had been asleep for a while we could take the sling off with him still inside and cradle him into some cushions and he'd stay alseep.


I know it's hard but it's sooo common that it's hard for them to sleep on a bed, crib, cradle, etc in the beginning. They are so used to being inside and moving around all the time.

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My DS slept like that at that age. I would sit back in our reclining chair and take a quick snooze. It always made me nervous, though - I tried to keep the Moby (and my clothing) away from his face, but I was never entirely comfortable with it. Have you had any luck with swaddling? DS is 6.5 months and still only sleeps in the crib if he's tightly swaddled. Also, it might be the upright feeling that your DS craves - maybe swaddled and in a bouncy seat or swing? Hope you get some rest soon! 

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I've dozed with ds2 in the moby in a reclining chair but never really felt safe enough to properly sleep. I second the swaddling idea - we also use white noise. Can you nurse him to sleep in bed and then sneak away? I feel for you - ds1 would only sleep in an upright position in our arms until he was about 8 months old - then he started taking 1-2 hour naps in bed! I have no idea why it changed, but it did. ds2, 5mo, is also an in-arms (or in moby or mei tai) most of the time,  but lately we are having a bit of luck with swaddle/white noise/nurse and sneak approach.


Hang in there! hug2.gif

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I personally wouldn't feel comfortable doing it. after he's asleep, can you transfer him? DS will sleep in his bouncer if I let him fall asleep and then transfer him. you could also try cosleeping for naps. 

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If your goal is to sleep while he sleeps, then try bedsharing with him. Just be sure to follow the safety rules to bedsharing and it will be safe and everyone will get much needed rest. :)

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DD is 9 weeks old and during the day she usually falls asleep in my arms or (most frequently) on my shoulder as we're rocking or walking around.  If I want to nap with her I wait till she's good and asleep, lie down and shift her a bit so she's laying on my chest.  This way there's no extra fabric around her face.  We've been sleeping like that since she was born, just recently she's started to sleep beside me in bed sometimes.

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Depending on which carry you're using with the Moby, you might be able to ease it off and lay down with the baby on your chest. Good Luck smile.gif

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I'd be worried the baby would get overheated in the Moby wrap and you wouldn't notice in time. At least if you are awake you can see if the baby is getting too hot and sweaty.

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i slept a few times with dd in the moby, but only when she was in the kangaroo carry position...which was how she slept on me at night so i didn't see any difference. her face wasn't covered and she wasn't scrunched that way. also, once she was sound asleep and i was reclined, before i fell asleep, i would loosen the wrap a bit for airflow.

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If she likes the feeling of being tight and pressed up against your body, I'd try a really nice tight swaddle. Then you can lay him on your chest and pat his back while you lay down. You can either fall asleep with him that way or scooch him over to your partner's side once he's asleep (this is what I did because I didn't sleep well with DS in my space). You also could try swaddling in a swing. The SwaddleMe has a hole in the back where you can pull a harness for a swing through the legs and swaddle around it, so can feel secure that he's snug and safe. At 5 weeks though, I didn't worry much about buckling in, but YMMV. If you put the swing in your room, you can lay down and sleep. You could also get a baby monitor.


It's so important to get your rest at this age, however you can get it!

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