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Indian food cookbook or blog recommendations

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I really need to start cooking more Indian food as I LOVE it and can't keep eating out for it.  I'd love some suggestions of good/authentic/flavorful cookbooks or blogs or websites for Indian food.  Oh, and we aren't vegetarian, so meat AND veggie focused resources are a plus.  



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I have a lot of recipes. Def not all Indian but all made with Ayurvedic principles. Very traditional ones.

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1000 Indian Recipes by Neelam Batra is awesome. It's huge, covers everything from homemade spice mixes to desserts with extensive sections on both meat and veggie dishes. I have a few Indian cookbooks and this is the one I have used the most, I like that she gives you lots of info on Indian cooking techniques and has a nice balance between tradition and modern adaptations so you can choose which way you want to go. I also like The Dance of Spices by Laxmi Hiremath, her tandoori marinade is the basis for the one I use with some minor tweaks of course LOL. 

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I've found some good recipes on Hooked on Heat

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Authentic Indian cooking blog.  This is a great blog but personally I've had a hard time finding ingredients. 


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Excellent resources.  Thanks, mamas!


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I'm definitely going to check out those blogs...


I have a couple of cookbooks.  Anything by Madhur Jaffrey is good, I have "Spice Kitchen", it focuses on individual spices, explains what they're like and where they come from, and has feature recipes for each.  It's a little book, and was great when I was just getting started.


But my Indian cooking "bible" is Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking.  It's MASSIVE.  It has everything, including a ginormous glossary of spices, beans, techniques, EVERYTHING.  It has 4 different recipes for making your own garam masala.  It has... well, just everything!  Dals, rice, breads, soups, desserts, as well as all the curries.  Everything!


Except meat, of course lol... I've generally just used internet resources for meat curry recipes.  ;)  But my introduction to Indian food was through a vegetarian restaurant, so it actually still feels a little strange for me to use meat in Indian cooking!  I love butter chicken, and various chicken recipes, and have had some very yummy lamb and beef curries, but my staples, my fallbacks, my favourite recipes to make are all vegetarian.  I actually like it this way, since I don't eat enough veggies -- I'm very fussy and have some aversions.  But I'll eat almost ANYTHING if it's curried.  So I'll make a huge mixed vegetable charchari and throw in spinach and beet greens and broccoli and zucchini and other yucky stuff like that, and as long as there's some potatoes in there too (which I love), I'll eat it and love it lol... 

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