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Vitamin Supplements?

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Hi all! My DS will be 6 months in two weeks.  The ped recommended Vitamin D drops since he is breastfed but I read the label on the drops he gave us and there was added nonsense!  So, we get out into the direct sun for a bit each day.  He also mentioned that at 6 months we should switch him to Poly Vi Sol.  I did this with my older son and he hated them...they stink to high heaven and stain everything in its path!  We are doing baby led weaning with my younger DS so he will be be eating fresh fruits and veggies...no jarred stuff.  Is there a natural infant supplement out there?  In the stores all I see is Poly Vi Sol.  Wondering if there is something else...

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First of all, the recommendation is that all babies receive vitamin D supplements, not just breastfed babies (sorry, pet peeve of mine, drives me nuts when I hear doctors say this).  Formula fed babies are already "supplemented" - it's added to formula, although the most recent recommendation is that they need even more than that.  Vitamin D isn't a breastfeeding issue, it's a lifestyle issue. 


If you want to supplement with vitamin D, there are several single-drop products that contain only Vit. D (one particular variety, just the first I found: http://www.ddrops.ca/baby-ddrops400ic.php).  These are much easier to give, since you can just put a drop on your finger or on your nipple.  There's a good article about vit D at LLLI: http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/lv/lviss1-2009p2.html.  A breastfed baby doesn't need any other supplements at all (and there is not universal agreement on the vit. D). 

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I use Carlson's Vit D. You place a drop on your nipple and let the baby nurse. It doesn't have additives that other brands like Enfamil have and is said to be tasteless.

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