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Food aversions and cravings, even for the same foods?

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Is it too early to have cravings and aversions? I'm between 4 and 6 weeks (I think..about as close as I can get is 5 weeks?)..like today..I wanted Ramen soo bad but read that it's nutritionally blah (knew that..but it said specifically for preg. women) so I thought mm chicken noodle soup..sounded SO good..started eating it and I could have vomited because it just was NOT what I was craving..is that normal? It seems I want a lot of processed stuff..but then when I start eating it..I just..blah. And if that's not bad enough if I open the fridge or get too close to the sink (it smells funny to me now) I instantly start to gag..how about that? Is that normal? lol..this is all so new to me ):

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Yep! For instance, tonight I was craving relish so I made hotdogs (I eat them maybe 1-2 times a year! blech!). I ate one and it was so yummy. I started to eat another one and immediately felt repulsed and nauseated and gave it to my dd to eat. I cannot eat leftovers whatsoever. We went out to pizza last Friday and I could only eat a fraction of what I normally eat. The next day, I heated the leftovers up for the kids and I had to leave the room. For the most part, I can only eat a food once every few days or else I get nauseous. Sometimes just the thought of a certain food makes me sick to my stomach. I also gagged when I cleaned out my fridge last week. I can't open the frig most of the day or else I get so nauseous. For last few days, my diet consists mostly of nuts, dried fruit, crackers, apples, dry cereal, applesauce, lemon water and bagels w cream cheese. 

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Oh my gosh, that sounds so familiar! The thought of opening the fridge alone makes me gag cause something is in there (it's not rotten or anything..it just puts off a smell, I just grocery shopped this past weekend!) and I just gag..to me it smells sweet yet bitter and it's just nasty! SO says he can't smell anything (same thing with the sink) goodness gracious I just gag at the thought of the sink, lmbo! The soup I ate looked sooo stinkin' good too..and I ended up just eating mostly saltine crackers. *sigh* This is so strange!

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I read this post a few days ago and have been chuckling to myself every since.  I can identify exactly with what you all are saying, especially you, Kindermama.  We're eating the same foods and I have the same leftovers problem. And Kaitlyn811: Ramen noodles, which I normally NEVER eat, have been SOOOO good and soothing to my tummy!  I just decided to eat them anyway.  I've tried to get a little more creative and try something like a burrito or pizza, and it's really good at first and then I can't finish it and need someone to take it away quickly.  Unfortunately I have a cold right now, but the benefit of that is that my nose is plugged or the smells would be much more difficult to endure!

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That's how I feel! I know Ramen is awful but it sounds SO darn good!! I find myself so often eating something and it smells and looks so good..I start to eat it and just BLECK I want to spit it out right then. This is so strange..I can't say that enough. Like right now I want chinese food so bad but I fear I'll get it and then not want it. *sigh*

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 There are some foods I just know I can't eat even if part of me is craving them. I can't handle anything spicy, or too complex, flavor wise. Waffles, pasta, crackers and yogurt, those all seem to be doing the trick. My nausea has decreased since I started acupuncture but I still can't deal with a lot of foods I normally love. Salad, blech. Carrots, eeww. I look forward to the 2nd tri so I can get past the food weirdness.

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I'm right there with ya Music mama..I used to love salad..now just looking at it in the fridge makes me want to throw the bag out. LMBO. 

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 I was offered a yummy-looking chocolate cake a week ago, but I took one bite and almost gagged!  Chocolate cake, imagine that!  And yes, I'll be craving something and a few bites into it I'll be sick of it.  It gets better, or so I hear... :)

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i always form strong aversions to many of the foods i eat in the first week or two of pregnancy, and then can't eat them for the rest of the pg! so for example while pg with dd2, dd1 was on a gfcf diet, and eating a lot of rice cheese. i actually really liked the rice cheese for some reason and i was eating a ton of it- then suddenly one day just looking at it made me want to die! today i was craving chocolate cake- NOT a good sign at only barely 4 weeks preg! lol. with both pregs i've had huge cravings for thai food. mmm.

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I have all aversions, no cravings so far... which was more or less how I felt for all of my last pregnancy.


My absolutely strongest aversions are all to foods that I love.  Last time the biggie was garlic, which I usually put in everything.  Garlic's bothering me this time, but what's much worse is soy sauce.  Just smelling it is enough to make me sicker than sick.  


And I don't even want to talk about the way my body feels about fruits and vegetables right now.  Too depressing. 

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I feel the same way coldandsleepy.  Everything sounds SOOO gross, sometimes I can find something my stomach can tolerate, but not really craving anything.  I haven't eaten a vegetable or a piece of fruit in 2 days!!!  I can't cook b/c it makes me gag either.  I sound so pathetic LOL.

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I'm getting really irritated with the fact that something sounds SO good but then i start to eat it and then I want to puke, I HATE that!! And For whatever reason..I have these fruit smoothie things..and most other dairy products (cottage cheese and yogurt were biggies in my diet) make me want to gag..just thinking about them I want to puke. Now I just want carbs - chips, pretzels, breads..ugh! I don't wanna blow up like a blimp but everything is such a turn off..except apples. Oh goodness...I can't get enough of them.

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