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Just wanted to bump this in case we have any new mamas out there. So far everyone is on board with me planning a VBAC. I've accepted that I may need anesthesia, but I'm going to try to avoid it. Only 97 days left until my EDD!
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Sorry, I know this is kind of old, but I thought I'd respond since is says you're due in March and I am as well...and I have a chronic condition that I'm in the middle of getting a diagnosis for. 


I have what appears to be addisons/adrenal insufficiency and will hopefully be getting some testing tomorrow (going to see my GP, CNM's and OB's have been anything but helpful).  I started from the "adrenal fatigue" side and have come to realize I'm far worse off than the natural information is geared towards (and likely had an adrenal crisis a few hours after my last pregnancy).  I've been doing tons of research and I by no means have figured out all the hormones, etc (talk about complex!), but have got a feel for the natural helps already (in fact, a whole foods diet along with whole foods vitamins is the only thing that kept me afloat breastfeeding my youngest) and have learned a great deal about the symptoms, etc if anyone wants to compare notes.  I see there are some old posts on adrenal fatigue but couldn't find any recent ones to comisserate with others like me so thought I'd jump into this group.  I'll let you know how testing goes, but I do look forward to being functional again instead of nearly bedridden...and avoiding the mortality rate in pregnancy if untreated!  Ouch, that was a scare factor to push for testing pre-delivery!


Hope you're doing well,


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