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maryamb, are you using any herbal remedies to help your DS?  A small amount (1-2 Tbsp) of fennel seed tea before meals may help set the stage for better digestion in your little guy.  You can also drink it and pass it on through breast milk.  Rosemary Gladstar has a couple of very nice gentle herbal recipies for diarrhea/constipation in her book Family Herbal (I think it may be published with a slightly different name now).  Slippery elm bark and marshmallow root are recommended for their soothing mucilage (will cool an inflammed GI tract), and astringents like witch hazel (tincture, not the clear stuff for hemorrhoids) and especially berries help combat diarrhea.  Blueberries are great.  Rosemary recommends making a tea out of blackberry root, but any berry (Rose family, ie. blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry) root, leaf or fruit could be helpful.  Also, have you also eliminated soy?  From your diet descriptions, it seems like you have.

Thank you so much for the herbal recommendation.  I already have some fennel seed so I am going to try it before dinner tonight.  His doctor actually recommended the fennel as well, she said the fennel candy but I am afraid that it might have corn in ti so I am going to make the tea like you suggested. 


We are 95% soy free, sometime we cook with tamari sauce, do you think that should be removed as well? 


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I wouldn't worry as much about fermented soy products (like tamari and tempeh) as much as I would unfermented soy (like tofu and soy milk).  However, that totally depends on how allergic to soy your DS might be.  If you see worsening symptoms after eating something cooked with tamari, then I would try to avoid it.  If it's just an occasional thing, it might be okay. :)

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I just noticed that my son has little red dots all over his tummy, chest and top of his diaper area.  It started out last night but was barely noticeable until now.  It is really red and looks a bit scary.  Could the digestive enzymes have caused this?  Is it a virus?

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Has anyone used Naet or Muscle testing with Longterm success for leaky gut and allergies?


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