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charting question

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Ok so it probably wont be the only one, either. But we're on our 14 th cycle ttc and I'm just now beginning to chart. Dd is barely 2 and bfs 3 times a day now. She's also sttn. But I still can't seem to temp at the same time every night. My alarms set for 5am but I never seem to make it. Last night was full of sleep interuptions. I usually take it the first time I wake enough. The only time I looked at the clock it was 3am. How important is it that it's the same time each day?
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There is a lot of variation among women when it comes to temping sensitivities.  Some have to take it at the exact same time every day with at least 3 hours of sleep prior, with the same ambient temp, without any skin out of the covers, etc.  Some are also very sensitive to stressors, strenuous exercise, travel, illness, injury, etc.  Some have to take it vaginally b/c their oral temps just vary too much.  I have also found that many women adjust to their sleeping circumstances whether that is sleeping through the night or waking 4-5 times a night and their temps reflect differences in that pattern.


Personally, I have always been able to see a biphasic pattern in my charts despite numerous nightwakings, breastfeeding, different waking times, different ambient temp, etc.  And I know that others have success despite these things as well.  So, while it is best to try and get your temp around the same time each morning, I would not go to great lengths to make it happen unless your chart is wildly erratic b/c of it.  If your dd generally wakes you around the same time each morning, just temp then, before you get out of bed.  I wouldn't wake myself up at 5am if I didn't have to!  LOL!  See how your chart looks and then go from there.  Are you using www.fertilityfriend.com so you can share your chart for additional tips and opinions?  :)

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I wish i could give you a hug for making me smile, Jaimee!  I don't wanna wake up at 5am, either. I guess my temps don't seem that sensitive to the time differences so far.  I am happy to start temping again, because I feel though it's taking us longer than we'd hoped, I have some control over something here.  And I forgot I can share my chart with people and get their opinions.  [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/202d6d/]My Ovulation Chart[/url]

Not sure if I did that right, though... 

Thanks for the advice and encouragement!

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Hello again!  I tried to check out your chart, but there wasn't anything on the page you shared. 


Here's my latest chart and what the link looks like: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25f63a

You can see my slightly erratic pre-O temps from disrupted nights and my crazy CF, but still a biphasic pattern.

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Hoping this works...  I'm not very far


Thanks, I guess it's not as crazy all over the place as I thought.  It does help to have another chart to compare too, and I looked at some others on ff. 

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Ok, new question.  What am I  doing wrong, how do you share your chart?  Thanks again!

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eta Hooray, figured it out!

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Hi Marmo... have you still been temping?  Your chart indicates you should be about 12DPO.  Any sign of AF?

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