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The Fess Up Thread

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This is my personal confessions...my little dirty thoughts that I need to expell and confess and be done with it. Things I've noticed in the last couple months on my journey to get in shape. Feel free to fess up, too!

-I like fast food. Yes, I know it's awful for you, it adds calories and unnecessary fat. But I like the taste. I've weaned them from my diet.

-I have not dumped all the "bad" foods from my pantry. We still have buckets of easter candy, we have frozen cookie dough in the fridge. I still bake bread with white flour. These are my slow steps....I have just weaned myself off of them. Although I do incorporate a lot of hidden veggies in my sauces, or substitute while wheat flour into my bread recipes...

-I started really hitting the gym. But after very class, I'd "reward" myself by stopping at the gym cafe for a treat, not realizing that the 450 calories I sweated for, was negated by the "muscle milk" or a muffin. After all, I'd "earned" it. I started actually looking at calories now, and using myfitnesspal to track my calories better

-I put on a few pounds after I started hitting the gym. Told myself it was because I was building muscle. Or maybe it was because I was still eating my rewards!

-too many late night snacks. Had to fess up that I should reconfigure my "weak" points of the day

-beer and alcohol has a lot of calories. So does apple juice or orange juice.

-I do believe that preventative measures is better in the long run to avoid potential medical issues. I also like to spout off that getting in shape and eating healthy allows me to set a better example for my kids, and also allows me to keep up with their activities. But there is also another driving force that makes me push harder these days: VANITY. I posted a Before photo on my weight loss site, and I was prickly with embarrassment to admit that it was my wedding photo, ten years ago.

-I'm close to being nearly where I want to be. I spent the last 7 years either being pregnant, or mom to a newborn, or recovering from postpartum thyroiditis after each of my three kids. Im tired of being stagnant.

-even though my 18 month old is on track to be a big boy, and he eats everything in sight, my habit of whipping up a 3 egg omelet with cheese, potatoes, and sausages every morning so we could "share", was another form of overeating.

-I hope I don't fall off my current wagon...it's so easy to do. I keep thinking, if I just get into a routine, I've got this! Routine routine routine, like when I used to have a daily soda, or a daily scoop of ice cream. I've replaced those routines.

-I broke my sweet tooth with my first cleanse. Not sure how I feel about cleanses (do i really have that many toxins to get rid of), but the truth was, I wanted to dump a few pounds quickly, I wanted some results. I did lose 3.5 lbs, and I did break my sweet tooth (I tried the 3 day Shakeology cleanse, and use Shakeology as my method of meal replacement and sweet tooth cutter). In fact, I know I make a gigantic shake with a ton of blended ice because I value the VOLUME of what I eat. It's great if it's healthy, but I need to feel full.

-if weight is just a number, why do I care so much? Mentally, I know that muscle and fat sit differently on the body, and clothes will of course fit differently. Just hard to wrap my head around scale numbers.

I'm sure I have more confessionals....these are just the ones off the top of my head! Thanks for letting me get it off my chest!
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I'm a volume eater too! I just can't get by without a lot of food. I eat a lot and I drink a lot (liquids not alchohol;) )

I cheat sometimes on purpose!


I really have found that I hate the taste of the old things I used to love. Really this is wonderful. My confession is that sometimes when I take a taste of something I used to love and find that I hate the taste of it now I feel sad!

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