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I've decided I want to learn about and use Montessori materials and methods when we homeschool, so I found an online course I could take to learn so I can teach it. I was going to just buy albums, but I think it will be really great to have a mentor while I am learning. I saw some good experiences on the boards here when I searched, so I went for it.


I don't know if anyone else is interested in this, but I just signed up for Karen Tyler's Montessori training for Ages 2-6 years old. You get 12 albums and it either takes 12 months or 24, depending on what you choose. I paid ahead of time ($150) and will be getting all the albums before class starts June 1st.  I'm doing the fast track. She does the course using yahoo groups. I thought I would share that there is a class starting soon if anyone was interested, too.