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Anemia threatening my home birth

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Hi Everyone I'm 29 weeks and recently learned my hemoglobin is severely low.  I've always been chronically anemic and of course the iron pills get me really constipated.  If I don't get it up my midwife cannot attend my home birth. 

So for the last 3 days I've taken Fluridex + Herbs/ Iron (AM), Biferex OTC Iron + vitamin C tablet (afternoon), and New Chapter prenatal w/ iron (PM).  I took a 100 mg Colace 3 days ago but sure enough I''ve been blessed with a bleeding hemorrhoid from constipation today.

I eat a moderate amount of red meat, lentils/ other beans, and green leafy veggies.  I'm just not sure what else I can do.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance, mamas!

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Oh I forgot to add, I just started taking spirulina w/ 20 mg chlorophyll tablets as well....

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     it sounds as though you are definitely upping your iron intake, as well as getting it in your diet. i am not sure of root causes of iron deficiency, but i would encourage you to do some further digging, research wise, to figure out possible reasons your body is not absorbing the iron as well as it should. i know i have always had a pretty low iron level, but i also don't eat meat and attribute it primarily to that, though i seek out other food sources.

     good luck!!

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I don't have any advice really, but I found a few articles that have tips for increasing iron absorption. They also have information about what foods and beverages might be inhibiting proper absorption of iron.







Hope that helps!

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If your iron levels are low, you can take the Floradix twice daily, and you can double the dose.  I'm sure you know this, but calcium is the enemy for iron absorption.  So no milkshakes greensad.gif

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I make a decoction of yellow dock root and dandelion root that I mix with blackstrap molasses. When my midwife saw my hemotocrit score she was surprised. I had the highest levels of all of her clients and I am a vegetarian.



1 oz yellow dock root

1 oz dandelion root

2 cups water


Bring to boil. Lower immediately to barely a simmer. Keep it at that heat for 30 minutes. When it's cool enough to squeeze out the root material with your hands, then strain, squeeze any liquid you can out of the roots. Return to the pot on low heat (again barely a simmer) and reduce to 1 cup of liquid. Then mix in 1 cup blackstrap molasses - this is the more bitter kind, and is much higher in iron. Take 2 Tbsp morning and evening.


I usually mix it with 1/4 cup water, then follow it by another glass of water. You can drink it in hot water, too. Just NO milk.



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I've always been borderline anemic in pregnancy too (with my first 2 pregnancies). With this one, I am eating an abundance of butter, whole milk, pastured eggs, and meat, and my hemogloben is perfect!!! I really recommend doing this stuff, and also taking some fermented cod liver oil capsules. AND make sure to not let anyone cut your babies cord until at least 5-20 minutes have passed, so that he/she is not plauged with lifelong anemia.

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You could try cooking everything in a cast iron pan, it helps and they are great and really inexpensive.

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