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Birthing Videos

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I thought we could have a thread where we post links to our birthing videos. I'll start:


The first one is the one I put together after the birth of my 2nd baby and is basically about the heartache I felt from both of my deliveries that resulted in c-sections. Here's the link: http://www.onetruemedia.com/my_shared?z=422a79f8e443cfcd2c4b5f&utm_source=otm&utm_medium=text_url   (It's the video called My Birthing Video)


The 2nd birthing video is from this birth, the birth of Jillian. Our birth photographer put it together for us and it really shows the emotion behind it. The photos start at about 4 minutes after the birth (since it ended up as an un-planned unassisted... our birth photographer got there at the same time as the birth assistant which was about 3 mins after the birth. The MWs arrived about 10 minutes after the birth). Here's the link: http://animoto.com/play/ItYrcQPpRVsdz5dMKxhTUQ?utm_content=main_link


Let me know what you think. And I'd love to see other videos if any of you guys have them :-)

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Those were beautiful!! Your face in Jillian's birth video tells the whole story! Congrats on your HBAC!


I posted a video earlier, but I re-worked it a bit and changed the music.

Here is a video compilation of some pics that our photographer took during our home labor and delivery:


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oh, erica... i'm so glad you finally got the birth experience you deserved!! it gives me so much hope!!!!
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allical, thanks for sharing! just beautiful!
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Thank you both! It was truly the single best experience of my life!


Allical- I watched your video the first time you posted it and now this one. They're both great! Looks like you had an amazing experience as well! Congrats to all of us who have birthed our babies (no matter how they got here)- it's freaking difficult either way! lol. And we deserve a TON of respect for doing what many can't. (haha just re-read that as "doing what men can't"... which is also true. HAHA!) I love being a woman sometimes! :-)

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