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Anyone Else with Stairstep Kids?

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Anyone else have a bunch of kids really close together?  When this baby is born T1 will be 44 months, T2 will be 30 months and T3 will be 14 months.  Are we insane?  Am I going to totally lose my mind?  

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DDCC...I'm due next month with #4 and mine aren't *quite* as close as yours (ds1 will be 4.5, ds2 will be 2.75, and dd will be 19 months), I often wonder myself if I will lose my mind. I find the first few months are actually easier and things get harder when the new baby wants to be down and moving around instead of riding in the wrap/sling all the time...not sure if your experience has been the same...


In any case, I betting we will both adjust to our circumstances and hopefully any mild insanity will be offset by our kids growing up close in age in a warm nurturing environment. :)

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DS will be 8, DD 32 months, DS 16 months.  My current 7 month old will have a big sister 16 months older and a baby sibling 16 months younger!  How will I ever go to the grocery store?  Super excited though!

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When this baby is born our kids will be 10,9,7,5,3, and 2. Its an adventure but its also fun. Grocery shopping.... I already dread it some days lol

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It's not quite the same thing, but DS will be 26-ish months, and we'll have two newborns in the house!  I'm already wondering if I'll ever be able to get anywhere or anything done ever again.  Seriously, moms of many, share some of your tips!!

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I actually have an easy time with 3... only having 1 was the hardest for me!!  I think I am most worried about grocery shopping and other errands.  Right now it is easy because my oldest is SO well behaved, just walks next to me and does what I tell him when we are out.  My middle?  Totally different story... kid is ALL over the place.  Right now, I wear the baby, hold T2s hand and T1 just walks with me.  Hopefully T2 will be a bit better behaved by the time the baby is born.

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I do as much bill paying online as possible. I also order my groceries and pick them up most the time. Its just easier for me! I do a click n pull at Sams club and an online order and pick up at the local grocery that has good produce (I get good stuff from Sams a lot too amazingly lol) and if there is anything I forget I go in a short trip when the husband can watch the kids. My kids are GREAT when I take them out but its just less stressful for me to leave them home :) Every one has chores. Even the little ones can help out. My 2 year old LOVES to put things in the trash. thankfully she asks before actually doing so ;)

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I definitely pay everything online :)  We live in middle of nowhere Louisiana right now, so no ordering groceries online. Thankfully DH should be home before this baby is born so we can either all go grocery shopping together or he can watch 2 and I can take 2.

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I have stairsteps 8,7,almost 6, almost 4 1/2, and almost 2 1/2 and then this one due whenever it comes and as long as everything goes well

 too  hopefully it will.

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I have a 7 year old, a 6 month old, and I'm pregnant again. :-) So there's 1 step, then a huge gap, then two super-close stairsteps!

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I am just hoping the move from 3 to 4 goes smoothly.. glad to see others with kids close together!!  T1 and T2 are 14 months apart, T2 and T3 are 16 months apart, T3 and T4 will be like... 14.5 months apart... 

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My kids aren't as close in age as yours. My oldest is 2 and my youngest just turned 10 months and this baby will be born when my youngest is 18 months.
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DD will be 20 months when this one arrives. Oh, the insanity!

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DD and DS are 23 months apart, DS and new baby will be nearly 24 months, so I'm going to have nice even steps!

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Well, I just found out I'm expecting today. I think I'm due around January 23rd. Mine will be just turned 6, 4.5, just turned 3 and 16.5 months.

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to me this seems close since in my family my mom spaced us 6 and 4 years apart...dd will be 23 months. I didn't want to aim too much closer as 24 months is considered ideal vbac spacing here...

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DDCC from Dec- I have one who is a huge gap apart from the others- she'll be 10.  The others will be 3 year old boy, then a boy 14 months younger who will be 27 months when this one arrives.  The 14 month gap was intense.  I'm hoping this isn't quite as challenging.



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Mine will be 4yrs 1month, and 2yrs and 3 months when the new baby is born. 22 months between the first two and 27 months between my youngest and the new baby....not super close in age but grocery shopping will be fun. winky.gif

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