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North Bay ON

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Any mamas in/around North Bay, Ontario?

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I'm in New Liskeard...I'm not sure I will find anyone closer than North Bay.  I am pretty new to this site and pregnant with #2.

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I know this is an old thread.

I'm in North Bay. We are a blended family of three currently trying to TTC another. Our youngest just turned 14 months. The other two are 11 and 7.
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We moved to North Bay last summer .... (husband is military) enjoying this neverending winter ;) ;)  


Our son is 9 and homeschooled. It seems like there aren't really any homeschool groups in our area, which is fine for me (I'm a hermit) but he is a lot more outgoing and social than I am. We've found some autism community finally, though, which is cool - through AutismOntario/One Kids Place. 


Anyway, we are here two more years. :D Nice to meet you guys!

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