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breasts no longer sore -- is this the end?

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I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and over the last two days my breasts have gradually been getting less sore -- when I woke up this morning they hardly feel sore at all. I even nursed my 3 year old without pain.

My breasts are still big and heavy, and I'm still nauseous from what I can tell (it's always worse for me in the evenings so it's a little less clear in the morning). Last night I was SUPERDUPER nauseous.

I've had miscarriages before -- my last one was at 10 weeks.

Is this the beginning of the end for this pregnancy? If you've had this experience before, I want to hear. Good experiences and bad ones -- tell me the truth!
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I don't know what it means, but I know how stressful all those what if's can be. 


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As a previous loss mama I won't even tell you not to worry, because I know that's pretty much impossible! hug2.gif


From my own experience, my breast pain is ALL over the place! It was really THERE for like the first week, and then GONE completely, and then it started coming every few days in varying degrees. Some days they are pretty painful for a few hours and then I feel nothing at all! It's just really random!


I was worried a little by the craziness of my symptoms (MY MS even went totally MIA for a bit, which scared the hell out of me!!), but we saw the bean yesterday alive and squirming, so I'm feeling much better.


With my first pregnancy my breasts were terribly painful, burning, tingly ALL the time right through the first several months, so to have such mild and sometimes non-existent symptoms is weird and definitely can be worrisome! But I think since we've BTDT and already made milk and nursed, our boobs just don't have to go through so many changes. And especially since you are still nursing now, your boobs are probably like "yeah, we've got this! no biggie!" lol.gif after the initial hormonal increase.



Good luck mama! I hope everything goes beautifully for you!

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I have morning sickness fairly consistently, but have noticed that sore boobs are my one symptom that seem to come and go a lot more than others.  Just last week I was having the same fears as you but I thought back to my pregnancy with DS and remembered vividly that I had the same concerns.  In fact, I had started a new job the week I got pregnant and didn't know that there were security cameras in the halls and stairways with two front door security guards monitoring them at all times.  Anyhow, there were days when I was sure I was having a m/c because my boobs didn't hurt and I would go into the stairwell that was empty (but monitored by security...unknown to me), and poke at my boobs trying to figure out if they were sore anywhere, which they weren't.  Anyhow, that was probably why the security guard liked me so much and was so friendly to me every day... And everything turned out just fine.  Good luck, mama.  I know how stressful it is.  I am dealing with tons of cramping that is making me lose my mind. 

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I was also starting to worry when my nausea was going away at 11 weeks.  I thought it was either oncoming second trimester, or another miscarriage - also at 11 weeks.  I was relieved to have an ultrasound and see the little babe kicking around in there.  Thinking of you.

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I'm 9 weeks too.  A few days ago I just realized that it didn't hurt to nurse my DD.  :)  Maybe it is common around this time?  Of course anything changing can be a concern.  But...it is nice if that discomfort is gone.  I still am having to eat all the time, am nauseated, and very tired, so I guess I have more symptoms that have not gone away.  :)  I was wondering if the hormones from nursing make pregnancy symptoms different in some ways.  

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With my 3rd PG I was still nursing my toddler, and I just wanted to stop right away (I didn't . . .held on 7 more months).  This time, no such experience.  Maybe it will come?  What I mean is-- it seems so variable.


I also was getting bad sinus headaches the first few weeks and now they are gone.  M/S is still strong.  I think hormones are going crazy and shift us around so much-- no rhyme or reason most of the time.


So, while of course you will worry (we worry forever about these babies!) I would  not think too hard about it, ESP since your m/s is bad!

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DDCC to say that it was about 9-10 weeks that my breast started to "get the hang" of the pregnancy thing and stopped being sore, they stayed full but never really hurt that much again, i have healthy 5 month old twins sleeping right here to attest to the health of that pregnancy!  so no in general i would just be thankful, i know its hard when you are worrying.

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