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Easy snack/meal ideas for vegan teen

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My 13 yo dd's vegan friend will be staying with us for the weekend. I have a few vegetarian meals I do regularly, but need some easy snack ideas and some meal-type things she could make for herself while she's here if she can't eat what we're having. Any ideas that are simple and that sound good to a teenager? I have hummus, nut butters, veggies, fruit, miso soup with tofu, homemade bread.

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Sounds like you already have some good options!


Veggie burgers are a good quick meal, but make sure they're actually vegan. Some brands have eggs and/or milk. You can even get vegan cheese to make it a cheeseburger.


There are also vegan meatballs to make a meatball sub. Just heat the meatballs with a marinara sauce and serve on a toasted hotdog bun. I spread on a bit of vegan mayo...mmmhmmmm. People LOVE these, even non-vegs.


Bite size veggies with dip. Hummus is good. But also I make a mean vegan mayo dip that's just chopped fresh dill, salt & pepper added to the vegan mayonaisse. So, so good!


Soups are also good. Vegetariantimes.com has a bunch of great soup recipes. One pot of soup would last days if only one person were eating it, plus you could freeze single portions and she could just heat & eat! But if making homemade soup isn't your thing, Amy's Brand has a big selection of canned vegan soups. Most are really good. Not sure if soup is "teenager" friendly, but if she's vegan maybe she isn't the typical teen?


Another good snack option is homemade trail mix. I usually do roasted & salted almonds, raisins, some kind of seed, and Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips (they're vegan).  I sometimes throw in banana chips if I'm feeling frisky ;)


Hope this gives you some ideas!



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My teens eat a lot of chips and salsa/guac, carrots and hummus, fruit, nuts and dried fruit for snacks.

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Kale chips go like crazy too.

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My daughter is much younger, but if she's got bread, peanut butter, jam, fresh fruit, veggies and hummus, oatmeal (raisins, sunflower seeds and a little brown sugar- and oh, that's one of the few things she'd want soymilk for), a can of mild refried beans and some crunchy taco shells ("Chips are too salty. Broken taco shells are better." in her opinion), she's set.


So yeah, the only thing I'd advise buying is a couple of cans of vegetarian refried beans and something to eat them with.


As to junk-foodish stuff that's vegan, tortilla chips, unflavored potato chips, veggie booty and things, kettle corn and some other commercial popcorn, or pop your own in some veg oil. Oreos are vegan, or if you wanted to make a  healthier sweet treat that everyone will enjoy, here are a couple of links for recipes for super easy vegan baked goods that use ingredients that you probably have on hand:



http://www.compassionatecooks.com/r/magic.htm (I usually serve this without icing).

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Thank you all so much! Sounds great. I feel more confident now.. We do have veg. refried beans, tortillas, popcorn, dried fruit... and everyone in our household loves kale chips! Thanks for the reminder.

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