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Family Spaces for Less: Boys Room

Family Spaces Boys Room

Create a cheerful, simple space that can grown with your son. Revitalize second-hand furinishings with colorful paint. Mix traditional and modern elements with playful accents to create a memorable boys room.

Here’s how to get this tailored look for less…

• Paint a second-hand wood post bed a bright red
• Add unexpected objects in accent colors for a playful touch
• Create a focal point by embellishing the walls with your son’s initial and vintage flash cards hung from ribbon
• A neutral rug with a color border ties the entire space together
• Buy a red lampshade to update a vintage lamp

Red Lamp

     Red Table Lamp $24.50

Woven Stool

     Woven Stool $88

Flash Cards

     Vintage Flashcard Set $19.99