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Multip Mama advice (2 or more kids)

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I found my mei tai an absolute must.  I didn't use a double stroller very often, although I had one.  I typically used my mei tai and walked with my 2 year old.


I used a bouncy seat, because I didn't like putting baby directly on the floor when she was really little. Just didn't feel right, lol.


I used a diaper changing table more with my second.  Especially to organize all those diapers!


I can't think of anything else.



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I second the mei tai rec and I also used a Moby and later a Beco.  Having multiple carriers on hand, in general, would be my top recommendation so that there is always one that you and baby are happy with at any given time.


I do have a double jogger, which I used off and on when ds was old enough to sit in it, but mostly I wore him and dd walked.  And now we push ds in the single stroller and dd walks.


For us a swing and a bouncy chair were both useful with #2.  Ds was a much more easy going baby so I could actually put him down in one of these contraptions and fix food or take a shower.  It was glorious compared to my first.


Then just take stock of what you have and what condition it is in....


Monitor... if you use one and if your old one doesn't work anymore.  Ours is now dying after going through two kids, so I'll need to get another one.


Sound machine... if you use one and your older child is still using his.


Diapers... if you cloth diaper, you might want to have a few new ones on hand b/c there are so many fun new kinds and brands on the market.  Or fix up your old ones with new elastic, velcro, etc.


Nursing bra, pads, etc.   I found I really wanted a new nursing bra since I'd worn my old ones for so long already.  I also got some nicer nursing pads since I knew I'd need them.  Also, my boppy cover zipper broke, so I'll need a new one of those.


Sippy cups... this is for farther down the road, but dd didn't end up wanting to share her water bottles (most were pink anyway) with ds when he started to drink other liquids so we ended up needing to buy some for him.


Toys... just a few new things for your older child and for the baby.

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We're also expecting our second, so I'm not the experienced voice, but this is what I have been thinking about needing so far:

- a sit and stand stroller (we've decided on the joovy caboose ultralight)

- a pack and play with bassinette (somewhere to put the baby out of the reach of an inquisitive toddler)

- mobiles (to keep baby occupied while I tend to big sister)

- winterwear for small babies (dd was a spring baby, so we don't have hats or anything for little heads)

- a bundleme or similar warm-bag (see above)

- the rain cover for the Ergo (we live on the West Coast, so this is necessary for toting a small babe in the carrier)

- adiri natural nurser bottles (dd never took a bottle, and I NEED this one to take one occasionally, so we're going to try a new brand) 

- bath sling (don't know if I'll be able to sit in the tub with this one all the time)

- a few new one-size cloth diapers (with snaps this time, the velcro wore out on our old ones)

- breast pump (we borrowed one last time)

- better wet bags (ours were not so good)

- all those things that get used up - organic diaper rash cream, baby shampoo and soap, Lansinoh, massage oil, mama milk tea


We still have from the first (that I think will be particularly useful):

- bouncy chair

- swing

- moby wrap sling

- ergo

- contoured change pad

- toys

- other baby gear


I also have a making list that I'm keeping:

- knitted hats

- knitted sweaters

- knitted blanket

- sewn drool bibs

- more flannel wipes

- sewn ribbon blanket

- extra cover for the nursing pillow


So glad for this thread, it will help me figure out what else we need. 

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This is my first post ages and firs tin this DDC, so hello November moms :)


This is going to baby #4 for us and I found we've actually gotten rid of baby stuff with each successive pregnancy.  The things I have found are must haves (for us) is a sling, my ergo, a single stroller ( I always had the new baby in the sling and the toddler in the stroller), diaper bag,  a high chair, a bouncy seat for setting baby in, my moses basket, and cloth diapers.  Oh, and I really like our non-musical, non-flashy baby gym toy thing too :)


We got rid of the swing, crib, and pack-n-play when I was pregnant with #3.  I figured if I hadn't really used them with the first 2, then they were just taking up room.

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Must Haves


-My double stroller (Combi Twin Sport. LOVE IT)

- Ergo baby carrier


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as for cosleeping in winter, we have simply put mama and baby side by side with dad on the other side with an older child. Mom and babe share a queen, mom has her own blankets, which I am sure to keep tucked under my body on baby's side. Baby is in a fleece snowsuit (as warm as blankets, doesn't get kicked off or cover babe's face accidentally. We did this even with our last one who was born in june, with a lighter fleece (not a snowsuit) and then switched to a snowsuit in the fall. It worked well.


As far as necessities, for the second, I would say maybe a few special toys for the oldest for when mama is breastfeeding a new babe. A good sling or two. A bouncy seat. 


That is all :)


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Originally Posted by jbk21 View Post

Ladies, you are all so helpful!  It's nice to hear from sling-wearing, cloth-diapering mamas!   I think we might forgo the double stroller... We currently have the Joovy Kooper.  We looked at the Joovy Caboose Ultralight but I think we are deciding against it.  We've registered for the moby and ergo.  I fixed up the diapers my son is currently still using (hoping to have him PT'd by november!) and are going to buy some new ones to supplement.  


Do they still make the adiri bottle?!  We had one, but then heard they were discontinued.  My son loved it- it was much more similar to nursing.  I only went to the office twice a week last time, and now I work from home so I am undecided if I need more bottles...


We're on the West coast too (portland, OR) so I guess I'll need a rain cover!  Didn't know they made those :)  


I definitely need someone to sit the baby in.  We have a toddler and a puppy, so we need him or her to be safe!  I am unsure if we want to invest in a pack and play though.  It wasn't used much by my son so we sold it.  


Unsure about a bath sling too.  I loved bathing with DS, I guess I didn't think about whether I'd be able to do that with #2.  Sad!  I love that skin time and also loved not having another thing to put in/take out of tub....


I'm really unsure about something for sleeping.  We don't have room for a bassinette or sidecar cosleeper.  They have these travel beds that I think would fit nicely between hubby and I but would have 4 walls so that we don't roll over on baby.  WIth it being winter, I am not sure I want to just have baby in bed with us with all those blankets.  Agh!  So much to consider!  My son slept in our room in his carseat that was put into his arms reach co sleeper (sigh. we spent all that money on the darn thing and he just wanted to be cuddled up in his carseat for 4 months).  We've also thought about DS sleeping with hubby in our bed and me sleeping in the nursery with the baby.  Who knows!  Any advice?







Yeah, we have a Maclaren umbrella stroller for the toddler, and I was just planning to wear the baby and push the toddler, but we don't have a car, so I think having a bigger stroller setup might be helpful for us to lug groceries etc. If we had a car, I wouldn't even dream of a double stroller. 


I've seen the Adiri bottles recently at my local baby store, so they're still carrying them here in Canada, anyway. I'm a SAHM, so we didn't worry about bottles with #1, but DD is spirited, and very attached to her Mama, so I have a feeling that DH will need to be more involved with feeding #2 at key times in the day (like DD's bedtime.) I also think that having time away from both kids, or even just one-on-one time with #1 will be valuable, and making sure #2 takes a bottle is a big part of that.


As far as a pack and play goes - we never used one with DD. Like never, not once. We borrowed it, so it's not like it was a big investment for us. But a friend of mine used a pack and play as somewhere to put the baby when she was making lunch for her 2.5 year-old (also spirited) daughter, and it was such a good thing for them. The older daughter couldn't get at the baby, and there was no risk of accidentally tipping the baby-holder (which she actually did when they were using the bouncy seat) or jumping on it, which was a real risk with her high-energy toddler. And since they really only needed it until the baby was 5 or 6 months old (the toddler grew into a lovely mindful preschooler) it was great that it was just a temporary thing. I don't know if a pack and play is necessary, but someplace stable and out of reach of a toddler might be important, if you have a toddler that might be inclined to over-love the baby, or be over-exuberant around the baby, like I do. I know for us, a bouncy seat on the floor just won't be enough if I have to be occupied making lunch, or cleaning up a potty-learning accident!

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Weird, the quote box got all messed up in the last post, and it won't let me fix it. Sorry!



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