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Am I crazy or...

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Does anyone ever get the "sense" that your baby is active even when you aren't feeling anything? Yesterday when the mw was using the doppler I "sensed" that the baby was moving around maybe trying to move away from it. And I kinda laid there thinking, wait, DO I feel something? I don't think I do... yet I could "tell" the baby was moving. And just a few minutes ago, I don't think I felt anything, but I "knew" the baby was active. Its like..idk, I psychicly feel it or something. Its like I feel it but...not? It was right after eating lunch (which was chased with a root beer) so its likely. but just weird that the "baby is active!" feeling hits me when I swear I can't FEEL it.. am I insane, or please tell me someone else has this feeling too? hahaha

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Looks like I'm crazy.. hide.gif

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lol.gif    I'm wondering if what you're experiencing is internal movement that doesn't actually bump the uterine walls or the cervix.  Like maybe it swishes around the amniotic fluid and gives you sort of an odd stirring feeling.  Sometimes I think I feel that.

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I was thinking the same thing earlier! And I thought I was nuts thinking it as well. You're not alone. wild.gif

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