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EFA's for children

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I'm looking for an EFA supplement for my son. He's 2 1/2 and has a feeding and swallowing disorder, so he can't take chewable vitamins (can't chew), and obviously doesn't swallow pills yet. Does anyone know of a liquid form that I can mix with his food that tastes OK and isn't too expensive? And is there a vegetarian version (like flax, maybe) or are they all fish based?


Anyone have any suggestions?


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WE take blue ice cod liver oil. It's amazing for its health benefits. It doesnt taste great but DD will shoot it with a little OJ or pomegranate juice

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Omega swirl by Barleans is bar FAR the tastiest! hey have a couple vegetarian versions, and the flavors are great: Strawberry banana, blueberry pomegranate, etc. You can kind them at health food stores in the fridge or place like whole foods I think. If a store carries any of the barleans stuff, they can probably order it for you, and I think if you call or write barleans they are sending out samples of their swirl products.

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