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Meal for a GF vegetarian?

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I'm getting married in a few weeks, and the RSVP cards are starting to trickle in. Yesterday, I receive one with an added note asking if I can provide a GF veg meal.


It's a low key outdoor wedding, and I don't really have a "caterer" as such, we're picking up the food in the morning from a fancy sandwich place in town. I can't really ask them to make anything - they have another event that day and I practically had to beg them to work with us in the first place. Future DH is vegetarian, so there's lots of meat free options, but they're mostly sandwiches. There's a caprese salad, but other than that, nothing I can think of that fits the bill.


I really want to have something wonderful for this guest to eat, they're driving two hours to get to the wedding. It's looking like the only option is for me to make something, and well, it's going to be a busy day!


Any suggestions on a fast and delicious gluten free vegetarian meal?

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Do you have somewhere nearby where you can get good gluten free bread?  Then she can have a sandwich like everyone else.

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Could someone make a pasta salad for your guest using tinkyada pasta. It's awesome gf pasta. You can get it at Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, and I think Safeway. If you live near a Trader Joe's, you could get some of their pesto sauce, maybe some cherry tomatoes, cheese (unless they're vegan) and toss. Don't use Trader Joe's rice pasta. It's gross.


I'd be careful about gf bread unless you taste it first. A lot of gf stuff that is meant to replace grain based products is really awfulf.

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I'd make or find a simple bean or bean/veggie salad.  Adequately filling, easy for you too since it's best made in advance.  


Carefully selected antipasto from a good place ( so combo of cheese, marinated veggies like eggplant, mushroom, artichoke hearts, olives, add in some melon of your own) might be another simple option.  


here's a chickpea salad

here's a white bean salad (that we really like)

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I love this Potato Salad with Green & White Beans -- you can make it ahead (actually tastes better if it sits a day or two), super easy, and is pretty filling/balanced...

Another idea would be just a simple platter with crisp veggies, a few dips (maybe hummus, guacamole, a peanut dip, salad dressing, whatever), some GF crackers & cheese, roasted red peppers, olives, marinated mushrooms... Arrange it really nicely, maybe put the dip(s) in a hollowed out pepper or something... or hummus, veggies, and Quinoa tabbouleh salad

You could do lettuce wraps or spring rolls (the ones with rice wrappers... maybe those are summer rolls?) filled with shredded veggies, bean noodles, etc. Or sushi with avocado, cucumber, etc. (just watch out for soy sauce which is not GF)...
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