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Mother of Eden's MAD (Make A Difference Program)

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I found this program by accident, just clicking around the internet. But the timing was perfect. Having just had my second child, I was always wearing her in my Simply Attached Sling. I got questions and comments wherever I went and thought, "Wow. I should sell these!" Now I do! I was attracted to this program for many reasons, including:

- I love these products. I was already using and loving Fuzzi Bunz, the Simply Attached sling, nursing pads, mama pads, the Snuggle Nest, earth friendly cleaning products, etc. I could teach about them from personal experience.

- The products are unique and innovative. Consumers can't walk into the nearest discount store or mall and buy them.

- The program's philosophy clearly states that one of its goals is to "ONLY recruit people who want to participate in this program out of their own will and desire to make a difference." and "WE want people to join our sales program only if they have a strong desire to succeed and make a difference. We want cause driven people that can stick with something and see it through. We don’t want to lose consultants because they really did not want to do the program in the first place, who just signed up to be “nice” or to get some free products." That's how ALL direct sales programs should think!

- Recruiting is optional! You will not be pressured to recruit.

- The program is more about education and advocacy. Selling stems from that.

- Very reasonable startup costs.

- The market is wide open.

The objective of the MAD Program is to bring great products that are widely unknown into an untapped market. The "Make a Difference" program is also an "outreach program" educating parents on the benefits of Attachment Parenting. By simply demonstrating the products that we provide one is educating another without a classroom, boring book or by being intrusive. This sales program and outreach program are a perfect marriage.

The other motivator in choosing this mode of marketing was the desire to empower and inspire moms to go from SAHM to WAHM. It is a bold decision for a woman to make to leave the work force and stay home to do the most important job of raising children. The MOE MAD Program gives them the opportunity to do both – with the extra perk of touching lives and doing something truly meaningful to them.

For more information, see http://www.sign2speak.com/MAD
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I joined the Mother of Eden program after reading the prior post and I have to say I am really loving working for this comapny. I can do it in my spare time, and I am promoting products I use and love. The start up kit was full of awesome products and very reasonably priced.

Right now this is more of a part time thing for me to make some spending money to buy more diapers , but I hope to get more involved in it a little later. I love the aspect of educating people on attachment parenting that the company focuses on.
I also like that I am not pushed to recruit people.

This is a great company for moms who already use Mother of Eden products and love them.
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I can't believe it's been eight months since I first posted. I thought I'd offer an update and some feedback.

I have been busy! It took six months for me to move up to the Consultant level! (You start as a Junior Consultant.) Considering I have yet to do a "live" party and all my sales were pretty much word of mouth, that made me feel pretty good. I still have yet to do a party, though we are having a great hostess deal right now and have a few maybes for January. My sales have come from either:
1. catalog parties
2. diapering classes
3. gift registries (http://www.sign2speak.com/registries)
4. word of mouth
5. advertising at my local birth center

I think #4 cannot be emphasized enough in this program. When one mom talks, others listen!

I'd also like to mention that this is a new program and we've had some great changes that show how MOE is listening to consultants and their needs:
=we have a new color catalog!
=we now have better prices on Fuzzi Bunz and package deals!

These two improvements, especially, have really pleased me! I hope the update is helpful to anyone considering this great opportunity.
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I have a question....

I am highly interested in the MOE MAD program, but have one question...

What does it take to move from Jr. Consultant to Consultant. Is it recruitment, or sales - a combo? Just curious. I did see that Jr. Consultants don't get a website. That's why I was mainly concerned.


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It takes reaching one of two goals: selling $2000 or recruiting 5 people. Either Or. Not both. One good thing about this program is that recruiting is completely optional. You do not have to do it at all. For more specific details, I suggest signing up for more information at the website in my sig.

Getting that website is a great goal and feels really good when you earn it!

Feel free to ask any other questions.
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There have been some recent changes to share. First, EVERY consultant will get a website now! Second, there will now be minimum sales requirements. Very reasonable for those who really want to build this into a business and make money off of their efforts. Just wanted to update everyone!
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How much to start?
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$159.95 for over $250 in products!
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I am very interested in getting started with this, could you email me or pm me with more info.

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Me too, Me too!! I'd love more info about this. I love love love my fuzzibunz. Can you pm me with some info too? Thanks.
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I need more info

Me too Me too..when I try to get info from the website I get errors.

I own a tiny dance studio in a very small town.

I'm currently training as a kindermusik educator...which really supports my drive to educate parents on child led learning..I'm a montessorian.

This feels so right for me such a nice compliment to my entire program. and very special since I am a mom to Eden (age 7)--unschooled with brother Clyde (10)
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right away!
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I am interested in this but wondered if I could sell at craft markets. anyone know? I ahve an email into MoE. I have a local craft market that takes new vendors and is open from may till december.
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I'm not sure if there are rules on this for retailers (if you want to be a retailer and buy larger quanitities to have in stock). As a consultant, you could sell any stock you happen to have, but most go to such events with the intent of getting their name out there and booking parties for future sales. We normally don't carry stock.
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Originally Posted by yitlan
...there will now be minimum sales requirements...
I thought I posted this question the other day but I must not have hit Submit! Can you share what the minimum sales requirement is?

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It's $200 per month.
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The MAD Program has officially been dissolved. Mother of Eden felt it wasn't sufficiently meeting the needs of its consultants and has chosen to focus where it works best: retailers. Many of the MAD Consultants have joined Natural Family Boutique (also reviewed here), including myself. We've been welcomed with open arms and are excited by the possibilities!
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