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Default photo

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I can't get the default photo off of my albums. It's a photo of my face and I've just been informed that mdc is linking posts to facebook...I would rather remain anonymous in that regard so I've been trying to remove it and have been very unsuccessful. Could a mod remove it for me or explain how I can do so, or anybody else who sees this! Thank you so much in advance. 



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I deleted your default album and that resolved the problem. :)

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Can you do the same for me? I came here to find answers for the same problem.

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Do you not have the ability to delete your own album? I ask because I think you should so please check and let me know if you cannot. smile.gif

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I have a fairy pic which is my current avatar, and a face pic that was my old avatar. Those are the only two pics associated with my profile. The face pic appears to be the "album cover" for my default album. When I actually open the default album to edit it, the only pic that shows is the fairy pic. There doesn't appear to be any way to delete the album cover pic.


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I deleted the fairy pic and it removed the album so it should be showing nothing i your profile now.

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Thanks. Strange that the fairy pic is still my profile pic. :?

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Your profile pic is your avatar. Uploading a pic as your avatar brings you a screen to upload the image from your computer or from a URL. There is also a box that asks if you want the pic saved to your profile. You probably had that box checked yes which placed your fairy pic in your default album. That's what I deleted, not your avatar. 

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