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Starting Injectibles Today - questions

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My DH and I tried several rounds of Clomid (100mg, and 150 mg) and Femara, and nothing worked.


We are now starting our first cycle of Injectibles with an IUI.  The RE tested my FSH and Estradiol, and they were 3.5 and 80 or 90 something respectively.  Are these numbers good? bad? normal?


Also, we are doing Follistim, with a starting dose of 100 IU's.  Is that a lot? Low dose? High dose?


I have PCOS, so they said they were starting being conservative.  I go for the HSG Tuesday and back in for Sonogram/blood work on Wednesday to monitor.


I hope this works...although it might not.


Any input/experience you have to share would be helpful.

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Hi Leilamom-


From what I understand, you have a GREAT FSH, and a slightly high estrodial, which is normal for someone with PCOS.


As far as your injectable dose, I don't really know, but I would guess that is normal.  I am going to do 75IU next month, after a course of femera - a really conservative choice, since we've don 4 months of clomid/femara... But we have secondary infertility... but looking at your user name, maybe you are experiencing secondary infertility as well...



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Below is what i did for my BFP cycle and as you can see the highest of injectables i was on was 150 IUs so i would say that 100 is average...I was on femera and menopur at the same time during my second cycle of injectables.  I also had LONG cycles since i was diagnosed with PCOS and i had secondary IF.  G/L and i hope that this cycle is a WONDERFUL one for you!!!!





CD1 ~ 02/18/10
CD2 ~ 02/19/10 ~ HAD B/W AND U/S ~ nurse said too many folicles left over from the OHSS cycle and would have to wait three weeks to be rechecked!!!
CD23~ 03/12/10 ~ HAD B/W AND U/S ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur(injectable)
CD24~ 03/13/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD25~ 03/14/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD26~ 03/15/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD27~ 03/16/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD28~ 03/17/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur (HAD BREAK THRU BLEEDING)
CD29~ 03/18/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur
CD30~ 03/19/10 ~ B/W U/S ~ 2 follicles continue Menopur inj 112IUs (obstained from BDing)
CD31~ 03/20/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur (obstained from BDing)
CD32~ 03/21/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur (obstained from BDing)
CD33~ 03/22/10 ~ U/S and B/W ~ 4 follicles ready (3 on right 1 on left) injected 35IUs of Menopur and DTD
CD34~ 03/23/10 ~ Ovedril trigger this AM
CD35~ 03/24/10 ~ DTD again
CD36~ 03/25/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 1dpo)
CD37~ 03/26/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 2dpo)
CD38~ 03/27/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 3dpo)
CD39~ 03/28/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 4dpo)
CD40~ 03/29/10 ~ Trigger shot is out of system ~ (around 5dpo)
CD41~ 03/30/10 ~ slightly light headed and emotional (around 6dpo)
CD42~ 03/31/10 ~ very tired and getting more light headed (around 7dpo)
CD43~ 04/01/10 ~ emotional wreck!!! And still very tired bb's hurt (about 8dpo)
CD44~ 04/02/10 ~ same as day before (around 9dpo)
CD45~ 04/03/10 ~ same as before can't handle spicy foods and VERY light headed while shopping for easter stuff.....took a FRER at 830 pm on around 10dpo and got a BFP!!!!
CD46~ 04/04/10 ~ Took another FRER and it's still positive at 11dpo and also got a "PREGNANT" on a CBE Digital!!!!

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Thanks for the responses.  I am hopeful that this will work and we only have to go through this once. I am experiencing primary infertility...havene't ever been pregnant before...so this is new to me.


How soon did the side effects of the injections set in?  I had a total moment today and it came out of nowhere...I feel like an unstable wreck.

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My side effects were MUCH worse with Clomid than with any other kind of medication i was on during my treatment.  I think i had slight mood swings but i couldn't remember the exact day that those occured because i took my injectables up until i used the Ovedril to make me ovulate.  I really hope that you get a great eggie from the injectables!!!

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