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Emanuel David's wild ride

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I'm pretty shot so not much time to write. Emanuel David arrived 12:18 pm Friday 5.20.11.

My surges were 2 minutes apart when we arrived at the hospital and I was in an incredible amount of pain. I was only 2 cm dilated and the baby was not descending. It was pretty intense and they soon noticed a huge heart rate drop. I was rushed in for an emergency c section immediately which was good because there was a full knot in the cord and meconium in his lungs. The extraordinary measures saved the babys life... not to mention my husband immediately flagging the docs when the heart rate dropped.

So. The bells palsy, the very overdueness, the extreme intensity of the labor - the uterus was fighting the baby basically and the pain was excruciating. So much for my uc haha. That went off the table with the bells palsy and thank goodness it did because we needed the hospital. This was so not where I saw myself ending up but I love my baby boy all 8 lb 6 oz of him. I hate that I have to. recover from a c section but all my expectations and plans went out the window day by day and hour by hour and I can only be thankful for my amazin husband and sweet little Manny. Love to all.
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I hear you on not getting the labour that you expected, but I'm super glad that it ended up with a healthy baby for you. I wish you much quick healing from the c-section. Congratulations!

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i saw this earlier on facebook anna...i'm so glad you guys are both well and that your sweet boy is safely here. :)

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Congrats mama! And I hope your recovery is quick and smooth.

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Congratulations! I am glad you are both ok.

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Thank God for c-sections when needed!  Congrats!!

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c-sections certainly have their place!  i'm so happy both you and Emanuel are healthy... congrats!!

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Congratulations! Take it easy and enjoy your new little boy!!!

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Congratulations, Anna! Welcome, Manny! What a blessing that you were where you needed to be when you needed to be there to get him here safe and sound and in your arms! Enjoy your babymoon!

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Congratulations on your birth, mama and family! Welcome little one! Hope you recover quickly!
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congrats anna!  so glad your little boy has arrived safely and that you are well. 


my first birth was far from what i had planned as well, but the experience prepared me well for motherhood -- that you can't really make plans and to expect the unexpected.

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Congrats on your baby!  Looks like your body was trying to tell you something.  Trusting our bodies isn't just for the more natural outcomes but about knowing when to seek intervention as well.  Glad you guys had a happy ending.

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Congrats on your little sweetie!
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Congratulations!  I'm very glad you are both doing well...rest well and I wish you an easy recovery and a lovely babymoon! :)

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Congratulations! So glad that you and your husband were able to follow your instincts!

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So glad your beautiful boy arrived and is healthy. 


Im so sorry that you had so many unexpected issues crop up at the end of your pregnancy and that your birth wasnt the one you prepared for.  I hope you have a quick recovery!

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