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lol.gif  Thanks for the self-contradicting advice, starling. Esmé was our girl's name for DS, so we clearly have similar taste! Lovely, lovely name. smile.gif


You've pinpointed our issues. I believe Quebec and NB have forms with accents, but they are the only provinces with official francophone/bilingual status. The Official Languages Act apparently doesn't mean that everything gets spelled correctly.


Anyway, I think we will have a better idea of how much of a hassle it might be once I finish arranging my career plans for after mat leave. (I am in the middle of negotiations, so ought to know well before the baby arrives, though good grief this process does drag on.) If we end up in location 1, we will be fine. More than fine, actually, as accents are normal and expected. Location 2, not the same situation at all.

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We get "Pascual" all the time. Also "Pascaley" (?!?!?) Not many people can apparently pronounce Pascal. headscratch.gif



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