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Raw Milk available on Cape Cod??

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My family and I will be on Cape Cod for a week next week, and I'm wondering if raw milk from a trustworthy farm is available for sale anywhere on the cape. Please let me know! Thanks!



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I don't know of any place on the cape, but there is a farm in Dartmouth not too far from the cape. We live on the cape and this is where we get our milk: http://paskamansettfarms.com/

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I saw your reply on this site and so I thought I'd contact you... I'm staying in Woods Hole through November. I'm from California and LOVE drinking raw milk. I would like to get some from this farm in Dartmouth, but I don't think I can do the 2 hour round trip every week and I don't have anything that's bringing me out that way... I think they allow "carpooling" milk (their term). Is that something that you do? Do you know of anyone else who does that? If you're going anyway, I'd love to chat with you about this...


My name is Eric and my cell phone is 310.993.6980 or my email address is eric@kidwick.com.


Thanks a lot!



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Contact bill@paskamansettfarms.com and he can tell you if there is a carpool for your area.

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