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Chat mamas?

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Where did everyone go?  Sorry, been reeeally out of the loop with the new babe.  Looking to get into chat as 2mo is having symptoms, 3yo is not well having almost stopped breastfeeding. Need the sage advice and emotional support...

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I am a newbie here, but I regularly check the allergy forums.  DD and I both have allergies, and have been since she was 2 mo.  DD2 is currently food-allergy free.  We are pretty settled in our routines, and allergies show no sign of getting less severe, so on we go.  Realizing DD had a dairy allergy was a no-brainer.  Wheat was stealthy, though almost as severe, and I thought she was going through her "terrible two's" at 4.  So I keep up on the forums and offer what little advice I can give, and I learn a bit that I never knew.  That's our story, I just never realized the extent of her allergies from the get-go, and got some bad advice from physicians until quite late.

     It's a long road.....it gets easier.

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I think they all went to facebook, but I do see posts here from some time to time.

Sorry you're having a tough time, maybe post some of the problems to get the brainstorming rolling? You're certainly not alone....

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You certainly are not alone! 2 months already?! Congrats!! CS is also struggling with restrictions for her new little one.

Many of us are on FB. PM me if you want to add me as a friend there. :) But yes, please do tell, what's going on?


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A lot of us still check here from time to time to see if anyone needs an ear.

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I also miss the chat, only lurked, but learned SO much. I'm busy with other things at the moment, but still come here from time to time when I have a chance.  Thank you to all the mamas who educated me and provided emotional support, sorry I didn't participate more.

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So start chatting!!

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yes..talk it up!

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Originally Posted by kjbrown92 View Post

So start chatting!!


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I'll jump in...


Thinking of starting my 3 yr old DS on digestive enzymes. He's still got problems digesting most fruits and veggies (turns his poop an acidic runny mess)

Not all fruits and veggies...I can post a list if anyone is interested. 

We're still 100% gluten free, very low grain, limited dairy (his issue is with calcium not dairy itself) Nothing else seems to make his poop like this (except gluten), and the fruits/veggies don't cause any other major symptoms (though sometimes he will complain of a tummy ache prior to the bad poop)


I'm not sure what ones to start with so I picked up some Digestive gold....any opinions? 


He is taking probiotics, and I can manage the poop issues with the right food combining...but I would like to see him digest things better.

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I'm interested, springmum, but I'm not certain that I'll be able to help even with a list. Enzymes are out of my realm of experience, but of course PB likely has some.

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I like enzymes when they're used between meals.  They can be helpful as a crutch with food, but in my mind that's what they are when given with meals.  A crutch.  However that's not necessarily a negative thing!  I tend to lean more towards probiotics, myself.

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We started my son on Lacto by enzymedica - it's meant to be the one of the best for starting young childen and those with damaged guts on. Ideally it's best to start them on a low protease enzyme and then introduce the higher protease ones. Many of my friends though started their kids and themselves on the higher protease ones without a problem. This is a great website about enzymes - this linked page discusses starting on Lacto - I've read her book as well and trust what she says (she's often referred to on other websites also) so I think her info is reliable. http://www.enzymestuff.com/basicsproductguidelines.htm 


Have you looked into salicylates and other hidden allergies if he reacting to so many fruits and veg.


We've had great results poop wise since starting enzymes and mega dosing probiotics (following PB's thread).

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PB - thank you for your opinion....do you mind if I ask if there is a particular brand of probiotics and enzymes you prefer?

I think this has to be the next step for us, removing foods and gut healing have been going on for a long time for us...we're not there yet, so I was hoping for another tool for a while. I really appreciate the info as enzymes and probiotics (more specific strains) are new territory for me.

I think I need to read a thread of yours somewhere....which one have you been discussing this in?


KKKK74 - thank you as well:) We've been at this since he was 4 months old (and made a lot of progress for sure), and definitely looked at sals for a while, but I'm about 99% sure that isn't the issue (since he's fine with berries and other high sals foods)

I totally forgot about that website - thanks for posting it again!

How has the Lacto been working for you guys? Is it a "with meal" or "between meal" enzyme? What were you trying to address with it? (overall leaky gut or specific food digestion)


thanks again ladies!


This thread doesn't have to be all about me though...I enjoy the chat!




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