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Training boy to pee sitting

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A few months ago I started potty training my son who is 3 years old. I bought him a padded seat that sits on top of the toilet. But despite the fact that he does pee, I can't for the life of me get him to point his willy down, so in effect the pee goes up and over the edge of the rim only sometimes making it inside the toilet bowl.

He won't let me guide him to point his willy down and dad reckons he will "get it" as he gets older, so dad is no help in actually showing him.

Does anyone have any tips about helping me train him to point his penis downwards?? It seems as if his afraid to touch his penis, so this is where the problem lies.

He is starting daycare this week so one of the advantages maybe is that he will observe the other boys pottying.

I've tried to get him to stand instead but that is an absolute no go for him.


And as for pooping, well we're not up to that stage yet. (Still requests diaper for pooping into......sigh.....)


Any advice or words of wisdom will be appreciated.....

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When my son was PTing I first started with a cute little spongebob seat that had a "shield" on it to keep the pee in the toilet.  I ended up taking it off b/c he kept racking himself on it and it wasn't working well anyways.   So then we took off the seat for pees and I had him sit backwards.   It was easier for him to lean his body forward so that the pee went in the toilet.   And our catch phrase was PEE IN THE HOLE!  

I tried the cherrio thing, (aim for the cherrio)...but sitting backwards worked the best for us.   

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I used several different potty seats and found the fisher price turtle potty to be the most effective at keeping the pee in the toilet.  The seat part angles down toward the front and the gaurd is wide and high.  DS can still pee over it sometimes.  I also have had a hard time teaching DS to direct the pee downward.  He just turned 2 and it took about 4 months of me directing it for him and teaching him to do it himself for it to start to click.  He's not consistent with it yet, but with the turtle potty seat and some directing, the amount of pee on the floor is decreasing greatly.  I know lots of people say to sit a boy backward, and that makes sense, but DS is too little to straddle the regular potty seat.  His knees wouldn't even go to the side of the seat if that makes sense, so his legs were always straight.  I don't know how to describe it, but he was too little and it just didn't work for us. 


Keep trying!  and don't stand in front of him biggrinbounce.gif

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I second having him face backwards. I have two boys and it worked beautifully for them.

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Once my ds graduated from the potty seat on the floor he just used the adult seat on the toilet. I bought one of those seats that have the built in childs seat and within a couple of weeks he didn't like using it. It was pretty funny looking but he would hang his bum down in the toilet, It didn't look very comforable to me but he was happy with it. Still there was a stage that he would pee through the crack in the seat especially when pooping.....to much to concentrate on I guess.

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At two we got DS a small step stool and he just peed in the toilet standing like his dad.  They had a few "sword fights" to get the hang if the aim thing, and I did get a few wet seat surprises in the middle of the night at first, but in a few weeks he got the hang of it.  It is so much more natural for boys to pee standing up IME.  Plus the stool acted as a foot rest for when he needed to go (or wanted to try) #2 making it infinitely less scary and more appealing to him.



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Well, I know of two ways to get them to aim, but they are not for sitting down. One is a song, the other is a game.


Song (sung to the tune of Alouette):


Takes Coordination


Takes a steady hand

First you take your penis out! Then you aim it at the pot!

Penis out! At the pot! Oh!



Get those corn starch packing peanuts (the ones that dissolve when wet) and toss one in the toilet. Ask your son to aim at it and try and get it to dissolve completely.


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Hey thanks for the replies...we are still working on it. Standing is a no-go at the moment, but heres hoping he'll pick up the right "moves" through observation at daycare.And Lillitu, I love the song by the way.....it's so cute!!

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Wow I never thought of having him sit backwards. What a great idea. I'm going to try that.

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