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Charlie Banana Dipes

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Has anyone used these? Thoughts on how they fit a newborn?




I received multiple gift cards for BRU and I thought I would purchase this 6-pk to add to my stash. Thoughts?

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These look interesting.  Anyone have experience with these?

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I have one Charlie Banana in my stash that I bought off a daily deal site a few months ago. They have Fuzzibunz-style adjustable elastic (buttonholes in the elastic to make it looser or tighter as needed) so they can size down pretty small. They have a fairly narrow crotch which seems good for newborns. As with everything else, the fit depends on how big your baby is - mine was 9.25 lbs at birth so he even fit into the OS Bumgenius diapers right away but I've heard others have to wait even 2 months for those to fit. They will last for a while though, DS is 7 months now and 23 lbs / 29" long and we haven't adjusted the elastic to the largest size yet.

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I have these, FB and BGs 3.0 & 4.0.I really love the Charlie Bananas. They are very slender, and add the least anount of bulk of any diaper I have used. The absorbancy is great for the younger set, but my toddler was soaking through them faster than the other diapers in our stash. They stuff from the front so you have to be a little more hands on when you are washing, meaning you can't just shake the insert out like many pockets. Overall I really like them. thumb.gif

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I have a few of these in my stash and like them quite a bit. I loved the crossover snaps when my daughter was smaller; there was less of a gap than her other snap diapers. I actually like the front stuffing a lot. I just make sure the tag on the insert is forward, so I can just grab and pull when there's a mess.

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I started with one because my bff was talking about it, but I really try to stick with natural fibers. I actually used the cover as a swim diaper then I found that my nb stays dry with them. I now have  the whole tuti fruti collection- unopened if your interested.


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